CBSE issues guidelines to schools on singing national anthem

CHANDIGARH: CBSE has asked schools to sing the national anthem in proper manner and sing it as stated in the constitution of India. Board has given guidelines on how to sing the anthem including time duration in which the national anthem is to be sung.

In a recent circular the Central Board of Secondary Education stated that ” in its framework of the values education lists the Article 51(A) of the Indian Constitution- Fundamental Duties that contains 10 principles and the first one is “to abide by the constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the national flag and the national anthem. The board has framed four behavioral descriptors for students for this principle. The second descriptor entails singing of national anthem with decorum.”

In a further link in the circular the board has given the wordings of the full version of the anthem and its playing time which is approximately 52 seconds. “A short version consisting of the first and last lines of the national anthem is also played on certain occasions,” it stated.

Playing time of the short version is about 20 seconds. Board has further defined occasions on which the full versions or the short version will be played.

The full version of the anthem shall be played on the following occasions including “civil and military investitures, national salute, during parades, on arrival of the President at formal state functions, When the national flag is brought on parade, when the regimental colours are presented etc.

The full version of the anthem must be played accompanied by mass singing on the unfurling of the national flag, on cultural occasions or ceremonial functions other than parades and on arrival of the President at any government or public function, the instructions read.

In all schools, the day’s work may begin with community singing of the anthem. School authorities should make adequate provision in their programmes for popularizing the singing of the anthem and promoting respect for the national flag among students.

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