Winstrol is a better anabolic steroid compared to others as there less water retention and getting a high blood pressure is rare because of the drug. There are several side effects seen; however, this may not occur if the steroid is consumed in low doses, if it does as in individual cases then discontinuing the course will do before the conditions becomes irreversible in nature. Each to his own as this drug is considered the safest on the block, with a healthy life style with good diet and exercise regime, you usually are sorted.

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Winstrol is potentially being a classified ‘good’ steroid in the market. It still has some glitches such as lowering your good cholesterol and increasing your bad cholesterol. Persons already having the cholesterol on the higher side are not recommended to start with winstrol. People who don’t have such problems do have to keep an eye on their levels and get the good cholesterol through foods rich in them and completely avoid the ones that may aggravate the condition caused by the use of winstrol.

The testosterone levels in the body are down by the use of winstrol so, this steroid has to be taken with other synthetic testosterone to balance and perhaps increase the levels. It is also mandatory that a therapy should be in place after staying off steroids to get your natural hormone levels working and it may take some time but with a little help from other medications and your therapist you are good to go. That is if your hypothalamic pituitary- testicular axis is not beyond repair because of your abuse of steroids for a long time. Male individuals also exhibit malepattern baldness.

The regulations regarding this drug in various countries is different, in USA it is a controlled drug under the federal regulation under the ANABOLIC steroid act and it was under the world sports bodies that athletes that took these doping substances were banned from professional sport.

Some of the celebrities who took the drug are as below

Ben Johnson a sprinter was stripped of his gold medal when he tested positive for stanozolol.

Olympiads Ivananova was stripped off her medal when she too tested positive for the above drug.

Australian ruby player was banned 22 matches because Rodney Howe used the above drug.

Vita Pavlysh was stripped off her medal the first time caught and the second time around was banned for life in athletics.

Liudmyla Blonska was tested positive as an hepthathlete once and stripped off the medal but again found guilty and banned for life.

Even more illustrious names are there on the list but it’s all difficult to put them on paper and as the years go by more and more will join. As it is an open secret that all the sports persons use steroids and it’s a few unfortunate ones that get caught in the melee. The lucky ones escape and the cycle of sport and life continue churning in new entrants to the steroid club of users.

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