Use NCERT books for your competitive exams

We all know that the educational system in India follows different syllabuses. One such syllabus followed by nearly 90 % of the schools in India is the NCERT. This is the syllabus which is suggested by the educational committee NCERT. This committee prescribes huge number of books and these books are used for CBSE classes 1 to 12th. In addition to this, the books of NCERT are used for competitive exams also.

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As the NCERT books are used for competitive exams, the books are available in the form of CBSE solutions also. Currently, NCERT is going to conduct its own exams and the books of NCERT are needed for taking these exams. Thus, by downloading NCERT and CBSE Solutions books are useful for both academic use and for competitive exams.

What are the books used for competitive exams?

Following are the books of NCERT that are used for some competitive exams such as UPSC, SSC and RRB etc

  • Hindi
  • Science
  • Sanskrit
  • Civics
  • Statics
  • Biology
  • Science
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Yoga
  • Business studies
  • Graphical design
  • Heritage crafts
  • Accounting
  • Mathematics
  • Social science
  • Political science
  • Fine arts
  • Computer and communication technology

Those who are attending the above said competitive exams can download these books and use these books for their exam preparation. There is no need to spend much money for buying the NCERT solutions books. This is because these books are available in the official website of NCERT for free download. Anyone can visit the official site of NCERT and download the required book in the form of soft copy. If hard copy is needed, it is also available in the market and in e-commerce sites.

Try mycollegebag

If you are looking for some other source to download NCERTsolutions and books, you can try This online site covers all the syllabus of NCERT and its books. In addition, it provides time table, class notes and tutorials for the students and teachers. All the user need to do is to visit this site and subscribe. They will get timely notifications to their registered email address for new books and study materials.

Different books based on different editions are available in this site for download. Thus, one should be careful while downloading the books and check whether he or she download the right edition or not.

Interesting and Amazing Human Body Facts

Biology is one of the important subjects since it allows people to understand the diversity in living organism’s life and exposures. People gain knowledge about living organisms including growth, origin and structure and functions of different components. Along with all these, Biology can be fun to know some amazing facts along with learning. Here are some of them and let’s get to know one by one.


  • You are slightly taller when you wake up in the morning.

When you crawl out of the bed in the morning, you are actually at your tallest. On an average, you are around one half inch taller when you wake up. The reason is the excess fluid present between the spinal discs. These fluids replenish when you are asleep. As you proceed, your body deals with the stress of walking as the discs become compressed and the liquid seeps out. As a result you lose a minute amount of extra height.

  • Our brain stops growing by the age of eighteen.

The brain starts losing more than 1,000 brain cells every day from the age of eighteen. The gray matter occupies only two percent of the whole body weight but uses up to 20% of the overall energy utilized. The brain keeps on working even when you’re sleep and never rests.

  • The skin is an organ.

Your outer covering is an organ just like the heart, kidneys and liver. On an average, a person has enough skin to cover approximately 20 square feet and 17 square feet. Approximately, 12% of our weight is due to our skin and the skin replaces 45,000+ cells in a few seconds by growing new skin and shedding old skin constantly.

  • Your body generates heat which is enough to boil a half-gallon of water in thirty minutes.

Our body is an example of a study of the laws of thermodynamics. We generate heat from everything that goes on i.e, metabolism, exercise and maintaining homeostasis as we sweat, exhale and urinate.

You are required to intake a quarter of water every day for at least four months to equalize the amount of blood that your heart pumps in an hour. Moreover, at a normal heart rate, you will have pumped blood that is enough to fill thirteen oil super tankers.

You can explore more amazing and interesting Biology facts on our website and to subscribe more, please visit us @Byju’s.

These education portals are the answer to your daily stationery needs

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You can order food online, buy furniture, book bus, train or movie tickets and now, order stationery online. E-commerce portals dedicated to stationery shopping are increasingly gaining popularity among the tech-savvy students.

While popular shopping websites have been selling the regular products for years, niche online shops are fast becoming one-stop destination for daily educational needs. So now you can order fancy dress costumes, stylish lunch boxes, competitive examination books to sports gear  — everything online.

The online educational supplies market in India is still in its nascent stages but there are certain stores which have begun to make their mark, especially in Tier II and Tier III cities. Here are some of these:

Co-founders Geetanjali Khanna and Gaurav Barman felt that abroad, only 10-20 per cent of a student’s energy is spent in procuring stationery supplies whereas in India, it was the other way round. “On an average, people had no knowledge about the various kinds of educational supplies which are available in the market. About 50 to 60 per cent of a student’s time was spent trying to procure products from the market which were not easily available,” Geetanjali says, which is what prompted the need for the e-commerce portal.

Started in 2013, the website services about 5,000 pin codes in the country. “We cater to Tier I and Tier II cities and strive to provide supplies needed right from play school to the post-graduation level,” she says, adding that the website has tie-ups with education institutions, such as the Aakash Institute, for educational supplies.

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Shalini Mittal started the project seven years ago, when she was looking for such supplies herself as a hobbyist. She realised that art and craft supplies were next to impossible to find in the country. “I found that many people were conservative in sharing details of the products or providing vendor names” she says, which is what prompted the need for the website.


“At that time, Google did not even accept our keywords. Infact, Justdial had to create a fresh keyword especially for us as they claimed that they did not receive any queries for products of our kind. I was charged Rs 22,000 for registration by Justdial whereas the regular price is Rs 5,000,” she says.

The most popular products on are the big shot machine, a sort of printing device which can cut and emboss on any material, plaid sheets, sospeso tapes and stamps.

The website caters to art and crafts supplies all over India, providing details and sometimes videos of how to use them. One can even call the website office on information on how to use some of the materials. Shalini claims that they sell “nothing Chinese” on the website. “All products are obtained from brands and companies and are linked together with others materials they are used with,” she says.

Having grown leaps and bounds, is now the seller to all vendors Shalini was originally buying products from, she proudly claims.

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Based out of Mohali, Punjab, began in 2012 by Vikramjit Singh and Gurpreet Singh. The two friends met in a gym in the quaint hill town and decided to capture the online market place with domestic products.

The biggest selling products on the website are white chalks from Mungyo and various products from Reynolds, while about 40 per cent of their clients are repeat buyers.


“The website is a sister concern of — an online portal for unique chess pieces. There is not much demand for domestic items in the country. We wanted to start a portal for stationery products not easily available in Tier II and Tier III cities,” Vikramjit says, adding that it took around two to three months for to get its first order. “It was difficult at first but we have picked up. There is a lot of potential for this market in the near future,” he says.

The company provides free shipping on all products pan India, having tied up with courier companies such as Blue Dart, DTDC and Fed Ex. Asked how the duo maintains a profit margin on the sales, Vikramjit says, “We are not here for profits. Our main concern is building a customer base.”

Based out of Delhi’s bustling wholesale market Chawri Bazaar, started as an extension of Gaurav Arora’s stationery business. “Since the profit margin for these products is very less due to shipping charges, we focus more on B2B than B2C market although we follow both models” he says.

The most popular items on the website are Parker pens and curriculum based textbooks. “We get most of our orders from South Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala which I feel is probably due to the apparent limitedness of such stores in the region,” he says.

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Mehul Shah started out as a software developer with Reliance before making his way to HP computers and ultimately establishing with his childhood friend Abbas Slatewala. With its humble beginnings in a stationery shop in Mumbai’s Crawford market, the website has come a long way.


“We wanted to build a niche portal focusing purely on stationery supplies. We started the portal in 2012 and currently deliver to about 7,500 pin codes across the country, in Tier II and Tier III cities as well,” he says, adding that through corporate tie-ups and direct customer service, they are getting a good response from the public.

The most sold items on the website remain oil pastels colour packs as “perhaps these products or not easily available in tier two and three cities,” Mehul says. The website gets most of its orders from Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. “We have tie-ups with Fed Ex and other courier services which deliver for us,” he informs.

The lack of knowledge about niche educational supplies and craft products, shortage of availability and ease of access to the internet is what is fueling e-commerce portals dedicated exclusively towards stationery shopping. Kids, parents, students, artists and educational institutions alike are now flocking towards online stationery shops for stocking their desks, online shopping providing a hassle-free and time-saving alternative.

Kolkata Medical college hopefuls protest ‘violation’ of merit-based admissions

Kolkata Medical College, Kolkata Medical College admission, Education news, latest news, India news, West Bengal news, Latest newsKolkata Medical College (Above) were the students held a silent protest, against alleged violation of the merit-based system by giving admissions based on donations. (Source Wikipedia)

Hundreds of medical college aspirants Saturday protested at the Kolkata Medical College and Hospital campus for the management’s alleged violation of the merit-based system by giving admissions based on donations.

The college had declared its first list of 77 names on Thursday, following which some students who weren’t on the list alleged that it had been created based on donations. Several students protested for around four hours, demanding a fresh list. The counselling process, which was supervised by an observer appointed by a lower division court, was disrupted until police intervened and brought the situation under control.

“It was a silent protest, and the situation was brought under control after police intervened. Some guardians have, however, decided to appeal to court,” said Bandana Barun Chandrashekhar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Suburban Division).

MBBS in pvt colleges will cost you more

Image result for MBBS in pvt colleges will cost you moreIt will be applicable from the upcoming academic session scheduled to start from October first week. According to a notification issued by AFRC, first year students in the MBBS course will have to pay Rs 5 to 5.72 lakh as tuition fee; the fee last year was Rs 3.75 to 4 lakh. In premier colleges, a student joining MBBS this year will end up paying at least Rs28 lakh for the four-and-a-half-year course, excluding illegal capitation fee.


According to the notification, the fee will be effective for next three years for the students who will get admission in the 2016 session. The fees may be revised in 2019 again. If a rough assumption is to be made, one will find a jump of around 100% in the last six seven years After considering proposal of private colleges AFRC has announced the revised fees structure for MBBS course students. But, few colleges that turned in private universities are yet to declare the fees they will charge this year. As private universities are regulated by Madhya Pradesh Private University Regulation Commission, the fee hike proposal of few medical colleges that turned into universities this year is yet to come out.

 Across the country, private universities have started increasing the tuition fee for MBBS courses this academic year in anticipation that all states will be mandated to take up the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).Sources said that the Supreme Court’s order has made it mandatory for medical colleges to admit students solely on merit.


The uneven fee hike has also resulted into anguish as students and students’ union leaders on Monday went on to protest against the unfriendly move of AFRC.

Before Few Days to AIPMT Exams – Best way for Revision

A week ago before exams

Amid the most recent week, keep up a decent demeanour and adhere to your modification arrangement. Try not to get yourself required in a rushed and comprehensive timetable as it will bring you weariness and reduction your effectiveness. It is pivotal to create and keep up a critical thinking state of mind with a unidirectional spotlight on NCERT to support up your certainty.

Resolve your inquiries just with your coaches and never with a kindred understudy, as it may prompt undesirable perplexity. What’s more, it is essential to expend solid and legitimate nourishment and get no less than 8 hours of rest each day in the keep running up to the exams.

Time administration is critical while giving the exams. Subsequently, it is vital to appropriate and give a particular measure of time to different segments. It is likewise essential to monitor the time taken to endeavour every inquiry. On account of MCQs, understand answers straightforwardly without taking a gander at the choices as the choices are conceived to befuddle understudies. Try not to attempt to endeavour all inquiries and go for the one you’re certain about at first. This won’t just spare your valuable time yet will likewise save you from negative checking. With a blend of practice, perseverance, rate and procedure, it is not hard to pop open this intense nut.


Very late tips for AIPMT Exam 2016

The AIPMT is practically around the bend and in spite of the fact that the understudies at this point will be more unsteady than any time in recent memory, yet the correct approach to set yourself up is to check your nerves and get ready well for the examination. The All India Pre-Medical Test will be directed in the month of May 2016

The way to clearing your examination are sound and obvious tips and staying positive and to dodge anxiety and not give your nerves a chance to get to you. Try not to keep running on void, despite the fact that the amendment and readiness is an absolute necessity so is sustenance and rest. Try not to be over endeavouring and attempting to do everything right now. Adhere to the things you know. Eight hours of rest is an unquestionable requirement before the examination, specialists say.

Keep away from things, individuals or circumstances that divert you. How about we take a gander at some tips to hold fast to while get ready for AIPMT. Modification is an absolute necessity, so considering the current syllabus you ought to have at this point finished your syllabus and as of now began your updates. Try not to uncover into new points. Adhere to the themes you have effectively done and attempt not learn things as of right now.

Invest more energy in Biology. Since 50 for each penny of your examination would be from Biology, it is exhorted you invest more energy re-examining a subject which will have 90 out of the aggregate 180 inquiries. Do your amendments from the NCERT class XI and XII books as opposed to different books.

Points, for example, morphology, life systems and kingdoms have been given significance. Graphs, researchers, their accomplishments, and dates specified are of significance when overhauling Biology.

At the point when changing Physics, give an additional moment to give the equations a chance to enroll, as these are imperative and amending the recipes will demonstrate useful. For Chemistry, specialists say that recipes of physical science, rundown of characters, formulae for essential chemicals and minerals are an unquestionable requirement.

Ensure you get ready things you will requirement for the examination a night prior. Your move number, concede card, wrist watch, photo and exam unit and if there is whatever else you will require. As computerized watches with number cruncher are not permitted, as said in the plan, so to be on the more secure side take along a simple watch so that there is no disarray.

When Growing Up Gets Tough

While raising a teenager is not always fun and games, it is a rewarding experience. Watching your little one grow up to achieve their hopes and dreams is something you will always cherish, and those rough teen years will have been worth the extra effort. Sometimes, though, extra help is needed during trying periods in your teenager’s life. Perhaps they are abusing drugs, getting violent, or self harming. In this case, programs for troubled youth are readily available and a fantastic option for getting your child back on track.

Normal teenage behavior can sometimes be hurtful, but is not always a cry for help. Although that eye-roll and door slam are enough to drive you nuts, they are not exactly anything out of the ordinary for kids growing up. However, violence is never acceptable and could be cause to send your loved one to a boot camp for teenagers. Loving parents cannot always pinpoint and fix the problem as these programs would, so they are wonderful options for those who feel at the end of their rope.

If your son simply won’t focus in school and is perhaps having issues with drugs and alcohol, boarding schools for troubled boys are a great place to start. Sometimes a few months away from negative influences can make all of the difference in the world. Many teens respond well to increased structure and will come home with a more positive outlook and attitude.

Whatever road you choose, know that schools like Wood Creek Academy offer the first step to a better life for your teen.

Everything Worth Knowing about JEE – Patterns, Dates, and more

Thousands of science students appear for JEE every single year and 2016 is no different. Students from across the country prepare for their JEE alongside their boards to find their way into noticeable and leading engineering colleges, with the main aim to bag a seat at either of the IITs or NITs. Securing good scores in the JEE tests will help one secure a good All India Rank, which has a lot to do with which institute you get through.

ALL-about-JEE-1-678x381 (1)

The Main and Advanced JEE:

The Joint Entrance Exam or as we all know it, the JEE is shrewdly classified into two categories. The first of the JEEs is the JEE Main and the second, JEE Advanced.

  • The JEE Main sees a higher number of candidates appearing for them in comparison to the JEE Advanced. The JEE Main is the first of the two examinations that a student has to clear, to make their place in institutes like the NITs and the IIITs.
  • In case that you are someone aiming for a position in the top rated IITs and the ISM, in that case you will have to appear and conquer JEE Advanced. One can only appear for the Advanced test once they have cleared the JEE Main, with sufficient and necessary margin of marks.

IIT JEE is considered to be the toughest exam of the lot with only a fraction of the appearing students being able to bag a rank and a subsequent spot in the noticeable institute.

All About JEE Main:

The JEE Main is one of the most popular and sought after entrance exams in the country with over 10 lack students appearing for it every single year. The race for acquiring a top rank is cruel. A better rank can help students find their way into some of the most prestigious engineering colleges in the country and built their way to a promising career.

All About JEE Advanced:

One can only appear for the JEE Advanced once they have cleared JEE Main with required marks. It is without a doubt the toughest entrance exam in the country and grants you access to the most noted engineering institutes, like the IITs.

Paper Pattern:

Some of the details as per the paper patterns that all students should be aware about are-

  • Both the tests are held digitally.
  • The total duration of the tests is of 3 hours.
  • The question paper is divided into three parts, Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
  • The question paper can be availed in English and Hindi.
  • You need to choose the language of choice during registration. No changes are allowed post registration.
  • The different question types are- MCQs, test reasoning, Numerical questions, comprehension ability, etc.

JEE Main and Advanced Syllabus:

In case that you are planning to prepare for the JEE Main or Advanced, it is important that you first beware of the syllabus. You can download the syllabus for Physics, Chemistry and Maths for free from the official site.

How to prepare for JEE Main and Advanced?

There are a number of ways you can help yourself to ace the JEE Main exam. Here are a few tips that will come in handy-

  • Time Management- Make good use of time. Make a schedule and follow it.
  • Exam pattern- Once you have learned about the syllabus, it is important that you beware of the exam pattern as well.
  • Solve Problems- Solve as many problems as possible.
  • Take professional help- Enrol into a coaching centre for proper help and guidance.
  • Take Mock tests- There are special times practice/ mock test series that you can take to increase speed and efficiency.
  • Previous year papers- Get your hands on previous year’s papers to get into the flow.

Most importantly, it is necessary that you manage the state of your health throughout the span of your prep, stay focused and away from distractions.

Exam Dates:

Exam Date for JEE Main 2016 is- 3rd April 2016 for offline and 9th April 2016 for online.

Paper 1 9.30AM to 12.30AM & Paper 2- 2PM to 5PM.

The result off the two tests will be out by the 4th week of April 2016, which will decide the potentiality of many students for appearing in JEE Advanced.

CBSE issues guidelines to schools on singing national anthem

CBSE issues guidelines to schools on singing national anthem

CHANDIGARH: CBSE has asked schools to sing the national anthem in proper manner and sing it as stated in the constitution of India. Board has given guidelines on how to sing the anthem including time duration in which the national anthem is to be sung.

In a recent circular the Central Board of Secondary Education stated that ” in its framework of the values education lists the Article 51(A) of the Indian Constitution- Fundamental Duties that contains 10 principles and the first one is “to abide by the constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the national flag and the national anthem. The board has framed four behavioral descriptors for students for this principle. The second descriptor entails singing of national anthem with decorum.”

In a further link in the circular the board has given the wordings of the full version of the anthem and its playing time which is approximately 52 seconds. “A short version consisting of the first and last lines of the national anthem is also played on certain occasions,” it stated.

Playing time of the short version is about 20 seconds. Board has further defined occasions on which the full versions or the short version will be played.

The full version of the anthem shall be played on the following occasions including “civil and military investitures, national salute, during parades, on arrival of the President at formal state functions, When the national flag is brought on parade, when the regimental colours are presented etc.

The full version of the anthem must be played accompanied by mass singing on the unfurling of the national flag, on cultural occasions or ceremonial functions other than parades and on arrival of the President at any government or public function, the instructions read.

In all schools, the day’s work may begin with community singing of the anthem. School authorities should make adequate provision in their programmes for popularizing the singing of the anthem and promoting respect for the national flag among students.

Ofsted warns of ‘squalid’ illegal schools

michael wilshaw
Image captionSir Michael Wilshaw says there needs to be more urgency in closing unregistered schools

Ofsted is warning that pupils are being taught in “squalid” schools that are unregistered and unsupervised.

But Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw says the process to close such schools is “inadequate”.

Where there is such “illegal activity”, he says, the “full force of the law” should be brought to bear.

Sir Michael has written to the education secretary to say 15 such schools have been found and they should be “registered or closed down”.

He says there are “serious concerns” about the safety of children being taught in these “so-called schools”.

In response, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan says the government has taken “robust steps to tackle unregistered schools and improve safeguarding”.

“However we agree with Sir Michael that more needs to be done.”

As such Mrs Morgan says there are plans for “further powers to regulate settings which teach children intensively and to intervene and impose sanctions where there are safety or welfare concerns. We will be consulting on these proposals shortly”.

‘Deeply troubling’

The Ofsted chief says inspectors visited 28 institutions where there were concerns and found 15 unregistered schools.

The schools that are still operating have not been identified, although some are believed to be in Birmingham and London. They include some linked to faith groups.

Nicky Morgan
Image captionNicky Morgan says there are plans for further powers to intervene where there are safety concerns

These are schools providing at least 20 hours a week of lessons, operating outside the supervision of the Department for Education, local authorities or Ofsted inspections.

Ofsted accuses the operators of some of these institutions of “using the freedoms afforded to genuine home educators as a cover for their activities”.

But Sir Michael is calling on the education secretary for greater urgency in closing unregistered schools and in the response of councils and the Department for Education.

And he warns against “bureaucracy, legislation or lack of resources” being used as a “reason for inaction”.

In one “deeply troubling case”, Ofsted says inspectors had to return for a fifth visit to Bordesley independent school in Birmingham, which inspectors now believe has closed.

Sir Michael says inspectors had been delayed from entering, but once inside had found “squalid conditions, including three single mattresses covered in filthy sheets in one room and no running water in the toilet areas”.

‘Significant risk’

There was also “clear evidence of segregation, with separate classrooms for boys and girls” and “no evidence of appropriate vetting checks being carried out on staff”.

Inspectors also warned of “pupils being taught a narrow curriculum that was failing to prepare them for life in modern Britain”.

Sir Michael’s letter says there were subsequent questions about rights of access for the local authority – and as such “I arranged for police officers from the West Midlands force to accompany inspectors to facilitate entry to the premises”.

Mrs Morgan said: “We understand Bordesley has now closed and are keeping in close contact with Birmingham local authority as they work to urgently ensure the children involved are safe and are receiving suitable education.”

The Ofsted chief has told the education secretary: “The arrangements for closing down unregistered schools are inadequate.

“Too many children remain at significant risk of harm. I will continue to do all that I can to identify and inspect unregistered schools.”

Labour’s shadow education secretary, Lucy Powell, said: “It is hard to fathom why arrangements for closing down unregistered schools remain inadequate and swift action on this issue has not been taken.

“With children at risk of being exposed to harm, exploitation or undue influences, more inertia from this government simply isn’t good enough.”

Ms Powell warned of a “dangerous void” in the local oversight of schools.