Non-NET fellowship to be revived for all universities but allowed to ‘meritorious’ students

NEW DELHI: The government could hardly refuse to relent. On Friday, after 55 hours of constant protest and the police’s detaining dozens of “Occupy UGC” protestors at Bhalswa Dairy, senior officials in the Ministry of HRD told TOI that it will “revive the scheme for all the public universities in the country” but the beneficiaries Read More

Students reject MHRD proposal of making non-NET fellowship merit-based, Occupy UGC protest to continue

NEW DELHI: Students are not giving up on their protest against the scrapping of the non-NET fellowship despite the Ministry of HRD saying on Friday evening that it will “revive” it for all universities but make it merit-based. Students want it re-instated the way it originally was and expanded to include all public universities. The Read More

Obama Administration Calls for Limits on Testing in Schools

Attendees at the NYU-Polytechnic School of Engineering Career Discovery in Cybersecurity listen as Shelley Westman from IBM speaks. Faced with mounting and bipartisan opposition to increased and often high-stakes testing in the nation’s public schools, the Obama administration declared Saturday that the push had gone too far, acknowledged its own role in the proliferation of Read More