Over 15,000 qualify civil services prelims exam

NEW DELHI: Over 15,000 people have qualified this year’s civil services preliminary examination, results of which were declared on Monday by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). “A total of 15,008 candidates have qualified in the preliminary examination,” UPSC secretary Ashim Khurana told PTI. As against a record number of 9,45,908 candidates who had applied for Read More

XLRI, others demand level playing field for autonomous B-schools

(Pic courtesy XLRI website) JAMSHEDPUR: Reputed autonomous business schools have demanded a level playing ground to maintain the equilibrium of management education. According to a news release issued by XLRI here on Monday, at the first Indian business schools summit organized by Indian Association of Autonomous Business School (IAABS) recently at Bangalore, Fr Abraham from Read More

Pune schools bend RTE norms on age-appropriate admission

PUNE: Twelve-year-olds studying in standard I and 23-year-olds studying in standard IV – thousands of students in the state are studying in classes much lower than those suitable for their age, despite guidelines of the Right to Education (RTE) Act that mandate age-appropriate admissions in schools. The unified district information system for education (U-DISE) data Read More

Delhi govt lauches scheme for extra-curricular activities in 54 model schools

NEW DELHI: Delhi government is launching yet another scheme and bringing private parties on board. As a ‘pilot’, the Directorate of Education will run a heavy-duty extra-curricular activities programme in 54 ‘model’ schools in Delhi. As a part of the programme, the DoE “will allow access to the desirous academies/clubs/individual professionals into the schools” and Read More

Ahmedabad University partners with US college for educational innovation

AHMEDABAD: Ahmedabad University (AU) and Olin College of Engineering, USA, have partnered to promote educational innovation. The partnership includes a faculty exchange program aimed at integrating project-based learning into the engineering curriculum at AU, thus offering a new model for education in India. Founded in 1997, Olin College of Engineering is a prestigious engineering college, Read More