Ahmedabad University partners with US college for educational innovation

AHMEDABAD: Ahmedabad University (AU) and Olin College of Engineering, USA, have partnered to promote educational innovation. The partnership includes a faculty exchange program aimed at integrating project-based learning into the engineering curriculum at AU, thus offering a new model for education in India.

Founded in 1997, Olin College of Engineering is a prestigious engineering college, ranked third in the US News and World Report, 2013.

Prafull Anubhai, chairman of the board of management at AU, said, “Leveraging Olin’s strengths as a pioneer in educational innovation, this partnership will offer our students and faculty a unique set of new opportunities to enrich their educational experiences and provide new models for pedagogy more broadly.”

Richard Miller, president of Olin College, said: “There will be a great deal of mutual learning in this partnership, and I particularly look forward to the insights we will gain by seeing Olin’s educational innovations translated into a new cultural context and implemented across a comprehensive curriculum.”