WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine in Black Walnut with S4 Monitor- Perfect Way to Shed Some Extra Kilos & Calories

People who are obese and overweight try out various alternatives to reduce their weight but often do not succeed in their accomplishment. If you are also encountering the same problem, it’s time to cheer up man! Yes, the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine home use is indeed great equipment which can resolve this concern without taking too much pain. Isn’t that amazing? You can burn your extra calorie with the help of this popular exerciser readily available both online and offline at lucrative prices.


Reason Why the Machine is named as WaterRower

The exercising equipment comprises of American Black Walnut wood and the Danish oil certainly exemplifies its aesthetic beauty. It is a handcrafted product. This exerciser has been named as WaterRower because its working principle is similar to that of a boat moving on the water. The exercise done on this machine will give you the same benefit of what you receive when rowing a boat.

So Why Do You Need to buy it

Good Question. If you are finding it extremely difficult to monitor your fitness and weight due to hectic professional life, then this exercise equipment is highly recommended.  It is an effective machine which will help in every accord; whether you are performing high intensity workouts or some light exercises. By no means will you be hurting your body. The weight can withstand even a bulky weight of 1,000 lbs. plus, you can easily accommodate it anywhere in your home and it is not going to eat much of your space.

The external appearance including its vibrant color makes it a preferred choice of the gym enthusiasts. Yet another speciality is that these machines are hand-made with the finest and optimal quality of walnut wood. Please don’t worry about the price factor as it is not going to pinch your pocket. You can browse some online websites to check the lowest price.

Now Let’s Take Some Accurate Dimension

When we talk of the measurement of this useful handcrafted machine, four vital factors are taken into consideration. These include – height, length, width and weight.

The height is approximately about twenty inches, the length about 82.85 inches. The width of the machine is around 22.25 inches; whereas the weight is about 66 lbs when empty and 103.5 lbs when filled with water.

The Features of Appreciation and Inspiration

The applauding features of the WaterRower-Classic-Rowing-Machine-S4 will undoubtedly increase your quest for buying this phenomenal product.

  • The original Water Flywheel has been constructed in such a manner that it photocopies the dynamics of rowing constant strokes
  • Got the ergonomic seats for improved level of comfort
  • It cannot be damaged because of the presence of polycarbonate water tank
  • Can withstand maximum weight of 1000 lbs

Next the Features Related with Computer

  • It has a computer screen which displays important info such as stroke rate, heart rate, distance and duration.
  • It has got single buttons for the quick start and selection of the various options; therefore easy to operate
  • It can store and preview the data information automatically. Based on that you can set the level of intensity for your workout
  • You can also set out the schedule for the workout nine times which includes the rest period

Assembling and Packaging

The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine usually does not take much time to assemble. It takes around 30 minutes to complete the task. AS far as packaging is concerned, it is usually shipped in two boxes separately.

The Warranty Period

The US based manufacturing company that manufactures these machines usually offer their customers three year warranty on frame while one year warranty is provided on the components. However, this can be extended up to five years.