Some educational apps to increase your knowledge base

Education has always been a broad topic to talk upon. Besides the usual schooling and grinding in colleges you as a student must also know some extra knowledge that mere books and tuitions don’t provide. Online education is increasing day by day and it has proved to be a great deal of help for students who are unable to take up tuitions or students who live in remote areas.

With the growing demand of literates around the world, it is of very importance that you have a good knowledge and command over the subjects you like as well as things around the planet. The paths of online education has somehow let  the students to prepare in a better way and thus generate better results, online videos, solutions and query solving websites have added to the ease of problems. The times of calling your friend to ask for solutions or visiting your teacher are now over, just sit up on you pc and let the internet amaze you. Amazon mobile offers will help you buy these apps with discounts.

Using your smartphone for education

It goes without saying that, almost everyone has a smartphone and there is no age for learning. The smartphone that you use for playing games, watching videos and listening to music can become a very good medium to take your knowledge base to a higher level. There are many apps available on smartphones that not only increase your regular knowledge but help you improve your aptitude, concentration, grasp and much more. Also if you want you can take up online shopping to order books that are relevant to your course right from your phone you can use flipkart app offers to get discounts on study material online, pick up your smartphone open the apps and buy them as simple as that.

The three best educational apps for on the go use

Wikipedia (The APP)

We all know about Wikipedia and it has been our Google in terms of finding details about a particular something. Wikipedia is the biggest knowledge based website present on the internet and you can find almost everything on it. It happens quite a few times, while we are reading a book or watching a movie that something comes up and we have an unwanted urge to look more details about that thing, but our apathy keeps us from doing that. But with the Wikipedia app downloaded on your mobile, you can search for things on the go and in result increase your knowledge base. The app is available on both Android and Ios and is free to use. (app)

There were times when we used to carry a pocket dictionary and search for words at times, but yes our lives have become busier and we don’ get the time for that. This app is what I will call one of the best app to improve your vocabulary, yu can search for words anytime and see instant results, the app also tells you new words everyday which is quite good if you ask me, thus is another educational app.

NCERT solutions

For Indian students some questions in the CBSE books create difficulty and this app is made for those students, you don’t have to turn towards your pc, every time you have a doubt just unlock your phone open this app and you will have answers.