Artemisia Annua and its Features

Artemisia Annua is an aromatic herb that belongs in the family of Asteraceae. This is a herb which grows widely in Asia. Artemisia Annua is named as sweet worm wood, sweet annie etc. This consists of yellow flowers and a sweet smell. There are many bioactive compounds which are available on the leaves of the plant.

Many studies have proven the use of this herb for the treatment of cancer. This destroys the cells that cause cancer without allowing the healthy cells getting affected from cancer. This also serves as an antioxidant agent. One of the important factors that can be noted is that the cell prevents the flow of blood towards the cancer affected parts. Another main important function of the herb is that the immunity of the person gets increased with the intake of the supplement. Click here to know more about the research into its effects on cancer.

Due to its medicinal properties these are used for the treatment of malaria also. This include some of the ingredients such as

  • Artemether
  • Dihydroartimisinin
  • Arteether

Artemisia annua is can also be made in the form of tea. Tea leaves are available in the market widely.

Benefits and Uses

Some of the chemical compositions that are used are Flavanoids which act as an antioxidant. Chromenes , which are used for preparing the medicines. Triterpenoids is another compound that is used as an anticancer agent. There are also some of the oil ingredients that are involved in this.

The main function of Artemisia is to decrease the growth of the cells that cause cancer. Two atoms of oxygen break down and lead to the formation of the free radicals. Those cells having high amount of iron are destructed by the free radicals. This helps in causing harmful effects for the cancer cells without affecting the other cells. All these benefits have not yet been tested in human beings. It is seen that the endo peroxides which is a part of Artemisia plays a role for developing the proteins in the cell. This capability helps in the cell death and lead to block of angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is something that is essential for the supply of blood to the tumours of cancer. If this blood flow is restricted then this may prevent the spread of cancer to other cells also. This is considered as a medicine which is non toxic and another form of chemotherapy .The seeds of this plant is used for the treatment for indigestion and for gas formation. Even this acts as a solution for the bleeding in nose. Since the aroma of the herb is having a medicinal like feeling these are used in potpourri items and near the bed during sleep. Artemisia Annua is used for the skin treatments and also prevents the inflammation. Psoriasis is one such disease in which the supplement can be used in required manner. This is also used in the prevention of Scabies which is an infection caused in the skin. This is happened because of the anti bacterial property of this supplement.