Interesting and Amazing Human Body Facts

Biology is one of the important subjects since it allows people to understand the diversity in living organism’s life and exposures. People gain knowledge about living organisms including growth, origin and structure and functions of different components. Along with all these, Biology can be fun to know some amazing facts along with learning. Here are some of them and let’s get to know one by one.


  • You are slightly taller when you wake up in the morning.

When you crawl out of the bed in the morning, you are actually at your tallest. On an average, you are around one half inch taller when you wake up. The reason is the excess fluid present between the spinal discs. These fluids replenish when you are asleep. As you proceed, your body deals with the stress of walking as the discs become compressed and the liquid seeps out. As a result you lose a minute amount of extra height.

  • Our brain stops growing by the age of eighteen.

The brain starts losing more than 1,000 brain cells every day from the age of eighteen. The gray matter occupies only two percent of the whole body weight but uses up to 20% of the overall energy utilized. The brain keeps on working even when you’re sleep and never rests.

  • The skin is an organ.

Your outer covering is an organ just like the heart, kidneys and liver. On an average, a person has enough skin to cover approximately 20 square feet and 17 square feet. Approximately, 12% of our weight is due to our skin and the skin replaces 45,000+ cells in a few seconds by growing new skin and shedding old skin constantly.

  • Your body generates heat which is enough to boil a half-gallon of water in thirty minutes.

Our body is an example of a study of the laws of thermodynamics. We generate heat from everything that goes on i.e, metabolism, exercise and maintaining homeostasis as we sweat, exhale and urinate.

You are required to intake a quarter of water every day for at least four months to equalize the amount of blood that your heart pumps in an hour. Moreover, at a normal heart rate, you will have pumped blood that is enough to fill thirteen oil super tankers.

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