Best Educational Apps for IOS and Android

Students are the future who have greater responsibility and duties for the nation. Yes, considering the technological inventions, teachers obviously have their immense role to play to teach and guide them professionally. Additionally, it is different education apps as well which is “filling” up the lost space on their journey to success. Yes, as a researcher, I am proud to help you out with the following best education apps for iOS and Android:-



It isn’t just the “disorder” which you come across in the room of a student, but their lives are literally “un-organized” as well. Yes, this is where myHomework actually brings a system where they create a positive, systematic and productive way to move forward


It is an Indian Educational blog brings students, job seekers the best updates in the industry. You can also play educational games and quizzes for free. Students describe this blog as one stop for all education needs as you can find all the resources and articles at one place.


Has the rising fees deprived you to undergo professional coaching in the past? Well, not any more though with the app. Now, get coaching classes in the form of CSE (Civil Services Examination), CAT, GRE, GMAT etc through the app which offers detailed solutions at different stages.

iTunes U

What will be your reaction if I were to say that you can have an app which can furnish you with explained, detailed and extensive research material from leading universities of the world? Well, you would obviously be the happiest person on earth. Isn’t it? I have mentioned iTunes for the same purpose, where cementing your career goals is going to be the reality.


What’s the biggest motivational factor for students? Well, it is the experts as well as business gurus who through their experiences and insights instill information and motivate students by giving them a systematic approach towards their life. Likewise, TED lets you witness those presentations.


Have you ever had to face issues in the past because of not understanding a specific language? Well, don’t worry as the app is going to translate texts in your preferred languages in the form of Italian, German, Brazilian, Spanish etc. Similarly, WebPages can be translated in your desired language as well.

Final words

Have you ever wanted to know the reasons for the success of the meritorious student in your class? Well, it is highly likely that he would be “smart” towards making the best use of technological inventions for enhancing the productivity level further. So, use the aforesaid apps for IOS and Android as the post is the result of the extensive research which I have done for your ease.