Clenbuterol – a powerful fat burner

Clenbuterol is a famous and most popular performance enhancing drug endorsed by many athletes and bodybuilders. The drug usually comes in 20 mcg potent. This proper dosage helps in enhancing the performance level. It is preferable for both men and women since it allows greater flexibility with fewer side effects. It is an excellent fat burner and helps bodybuilders to attain lean muscle mass. You can purchase a bottle from many different countries and they supply it legally in many places like Europe and Asia. Though the vendors are available online, you need to check out their authentication and reviews to get a legit product. 50-90 tablets will typically available in each bottle and it allows most of the users to complete a two-week cycle with one or two bottles.

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Since clen has the fat burning quality many people conjugate this drug with diet to get their desired results. Oral Clen pills target fat in stomach and love handle areas where many men and women have stubborn visceral fat and the drug increases your metabolic rate. Clenbuterol 20 mcg pills have a similar mechanism as such adrenaline. It stimulates the nervous system so that you feel more energetic and burn more fat and calories.

Clen dose

Doses vary depends on the person’s individual weight. When the clen cycle is considered for 4-8 weeks, you may take two weeks on and off to get the drug accustomed to your body. Normal dosage is 100-200 mcg which is about 6-8 pills per day. Women should use smaller dosage between 20-40 mcg a day. It is recommended that everyone should start up with small dosage then they can gradually increase the dose strength over the time to prevent downside effects.

Side effects of clen

Though there are many benefits by clen, still the downside effects should be noted. A main problem with the drug is it only works for a few weeks since the body regulates as it gets accommodated. Initially, the users may struggle with insomnia, nausea, vomiting, jitteriness, stomach pain and headache. Clen sometimes may induce severe heart problem. It also leads to cardiac hypertrophy, necrotic myocyte, and dose-dependent apoptotic death. Aside from increasing body’s temperature, it also suppresses the hunger. These said side effects may occur when the recommended dose crosses 20 mcg.

The best time to take clen

It is advised to take the Clenbuterol in the morning time with breakfast along with a large amount of water to tackle the anxiety, excessive energy, and insomnia at night. Clenbuterol’s half life is 48 hours. It means the drug remains in the system even when taking in the morning with sufficient water.

The negative reactions will be abundant in fake Oral clen pills. Counterfeit suppliers may give prescribe wrong dosage, adulterated ingredients which either might not work or cause severe potential side effects. Before purchasing such a potent drug read the reviews, testimonials from previous buyers and forums. The vendors from UK, USA, Canada and Australia do always provide standard quality of drugs.