Human growth hormone (HGH) has been quite an intriguing subject for the scientists for a long time. Though it is secreted in irregular bouts of minute quantities, it performs a plethora of functions in the body. It is noteworthy that the natural secretion of this wonder hormone ceases in the body post 21 years of age. As a result, the body stops producing new muscle cells. Implying, one has to live with the fixed number of muscle cells for the rest of life after puberty ends. The persistent number of cells is governed by the genetic code which is unique for every individual.

The abeyance of natural HGH production is of major concern, especially for the bodybuilders. They turn towards using steroids for boosting muscle development. However, forceful manipulation of bodily functions with synthetic androgenic substances is not recommended as they trigger various side-effects. Hence, HGH supplements are regarded safer and more efficient for muscle development. With advances in technology and medicine, tons of HGH products are now available in the market ranging from tablets to sprays, capsules, and injections. The website like has loaded with all kinds of information about HGH supplements.

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HGH injections offer hormone replacement therapy

The most expensive and efficient source of HGH includes synthetic injections. They provide for direct hormone replacement therapy. Most of the oral supplements contain a number of substances that do not favor complete absorption of the hormone in the bloodstream. However, the bad news is that the purchase of injections is strictly regulated by the law in most of the countries. This is because injectable are the most prone to overdose and abuse. Abuse of HGH injections accompanies side effects like a headache, fluid retention, gynecomastia and even insulin resistance. It is therefore recommended to use these injections only under the guidance and supervision of a physician.

Dietary solutions for HGH

There are some dietary products that do not contain synthetic HGH directly. But contain certain ingredients that promote the natural secretion of the hormone in the body. One such example is growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). This hormone is secreted by the hypothalamus and triggers the pituitary to produce HGH. So if it is supplied in the diet it can target the secretion of HGH and restore its normal levels.

Another one is HGH releasers. They contain a mixture of amino acids, vitamins, natural herbs and minerals that aid in the secretion of the hormone naturally. This product has no trace of the hormone per se but can reinforce the functions of HGH and IGF-1 in the body. One primary advantage of these products is that they need no prescription for purchase and pose no serious ill-effects to the body, unlike the synthetic HGH supplements.


Besides, the two types of HGH supplementation discussed above homeopathic sprays and creams are also firming their foot in their market. One can browse through for market surveys on several available products. One can do their own study by going through websites like this to know more about the potential desirable products, their prices, benefits, and side-effects before use.