Tips And Tricks To Solve Maths Problems Faster

Mathematics has always been a subject that requires you to understand the concepts in order to solve its problems. When you aren’t familiar with the basics or don’t practice enough, things are bound to go wrong. Whether you are a class 10 or a class 5 student, these tips and tricks will help you solve those pesky math problems faster.

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Brush Up On The Basics

Your ncert solution of class 10 maths will give the solutions to all the relevant concepts involved in the textbooks, but as a precursor to learning, you should be confident and thorough with the basics. Having a strong foundation is crucial as it will help you tackle questions head-on. You will have a greater grasp over the subject and will be able to understand new concepts better. Furthermore, this will ensure that you will have a favourable learning experience and helps you garner new interest for mathematics.

Memorize Common Values

Memorization of certain values such as multiplication tables (preferably up to 20), percentages in fractions and decimals (and vice-versa)  such as 25%, 50%, 75% will help you save valuable seconds. This tip becomes much more apparent and obvious when you start preparing for competitive exams. Because every second counts in competitive exams and you usually get an average of 40 seconds or less to solve one question. Ncert solutions for class 9 maths will become less of a hassle to understand when you memorize these fundamental and frequently used values.

Mental Maths

You should refrain from writing everything down or using a calculator. Stimulating your mind to perform simple arithmetic problems will help you save a lot of time and will eventually make you sharper. Eventually, you will be able to multiply, divide or add very large numbers comfortably in your mind. When preparing for a competitive exam, this becomes a boon as you most probably will not have access to a calculator and restricted time to solve all the questions.


Just like how you would work on a muscle to make it stronger, you need to practice more problems on difficult concepts to get yourself well acquainted. Because the more you practice, the more efficient you become. Furthermore, you might start observing patterns and trends in questions, so you might be able to create your own strategy to solving problems.


In Conclusion, practicing these tips and tricks will help you solve math problems a lot faster. If you need help with more related topics, subscribe to BYJU’s YouTube channel.