CBSE plans to introduce sign language, braille as subjects for students with special needs

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is mulling introducing sign language as a subject, computer-based tests, attendance waivers and flexible subject selection options for students with special needs.

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The board which is in the process of formulating comprehensive guidelines for students with special needs has proposed such children may also be given exemptions from the already existing criteria of two or one compulsory languages in board examinations.

“It has been proposed that Indian sign language or braille should be treated as a language to satisfy the formula prescribed by the board,” a senior official said.

“For students with mobility issues, the CBSE has recommended the creation of online class content for children. Attendance requirements in cases of children with severe disabilities can be waived,” the official added.

The board has written to states and stakeholders inviting their feedback on the policy draft which has been prepared after widespread consultations with various quarters.