Best 6 Educational Mobile Apps For Young Learners 6 Educational Mobile Apps for Young Learners

The field of eLearning includes providing the students with the tools to acquire data in their own time via electronic technologies. Students can access material outside of a traditional classroom at their own pace, in a way that fits their personal learning style. eLearning isn’t an online casino entertainment. It’s a serious method of information acquisition.

Online learning began as a way for older students to do courses or degrees online. Today, eLearning is widely used in high schools and elementary schools by students of all ages. eLearning, when facilitated properly, creates a more interactive learning experience in which teachers create and students complete materials and assignments using online tools and techniques.

Major Benefits of eLearning and Education Mobile Apps

Before moving directly on to the best learning apps for students, let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of eLearning first:

  • Online learning accommodates all needs. Once the assignment is given the students can acquire the information and then use that information to complete their assignments in a way that fits their individual learning styles and needs
  • eLearning ensures that students have access to the latest information available, including content that is updated from one day to the next
  • Lessons can be delivered quickly via eLearning. Students can review recorded lessons or information at their leisure, freeing up the other learners who are ready to move on to other stages of the learning process
  • Online tools and techniques ensure that learning via online tools and techniques is interactive and fun. The variety of tools for coding, graphics, collaboration, resources, project-based learning, dictation, mind-mapping, recording, writing drawing, material management, presentations, story-telling, student-driven learning, and other needs is endless.
  • Learning via these e-learning tools and techniques have been proven to be more cost-effective and more efficient in nature.

Best eLearning Tools for Young Learners For 2019

As more and more schools are turning to online learning to provide an enhanced and more effective learning environment with the help of top education apps for students. Here are some of the best eLearning tools and free learning apps for young learners:

1. Mindomo for Mindmapping

This is an online mind mapping tool where you can brainstorm and develop ideas in a collaborative atmosphere. Being one of the best educational apps for kids, users can try Mindomo to help students focus on a specific aspect of a subject, especially those subjects that require divisions of thought, references, cross-references, and logic.

 Mindomo for Mindmapping - Mobile Appp

Modomo can also be used to get students to design graphics and then allow them to fill those graphs with different types of media such as text, icons, videos, and images. Since the layout is flexible, this tool can be used with students from upper elementary upward.

To learn more about one of the top educational apps for kids, click HERE.

2. TextingStory for Storytelling

TextingStory is a storytelling app that allows students to illustrate a concept through the dramatization of the idea. It’s a texting visual that students love. After devising the text the students can create their own video, using their story as the basis of the video. TextingStory is available as an app on Google Play or iTunes. As a collaborative tool, students will love sharing their story with their friends. This is one of the main reasons why we have added this to the list of free learning apps for students.

TextingStory for Storytelling - Mobile App

To learn more about one of the top educational apps for kids, click HERE.

3. Nearpod for Blended Classrooms

Nearpod offers a slideshow platform for blended classrooms. Once the student clicks ‘play’ the Nearpod activities begin to display as a slide show. Activities can include engaging images plus recordings that launch a topic. The next step might involve embedding a video into the Nearpod. From there students will be invited to complete the assignment by highlighting texts, filling in the blanks, doing multiple choice question assignments and collaborating with other students.

Nearpod for Blended Classrooms

All of the assignments can be turned into something that’s more fun and engaging while, simultaneously, allowing the teacher to check on the skills and content that the students have gained. Nearpod can also be used as a tool for flipped classroom activities, which further helps in ranks among the best learning apps for kids.

To learn more about one of the top educational apps for kids, click HERE.

4. Google Expeditions for Explorations

Google has put a lot of time and effort into developing a suite of tools that can be used to enhance the educational world. One of their newest and most exciting tools is Google Expeditions. The Expeditions app is one of those immersive education apps for students that allows teachers to take their students along through an exploration of the world and beyond. The tool features more than 1000 virtual-reality (VR) tours plus augmented-reality (AR) tours that include swimming with sharks, hurtling through outer space sailing along the Gold Coast, climbing skyscrapers, exploring world museums and more. No one even leaves the classroom!

Google Expeditions for Explorations - Mobile App

The tour will take place via VR viewers and mobile devices. Using their mobile devices the students can walk around 3D objects as if those objects were really present in the classroom. Teachers can create their own tours on Android and then share those tours with others. Solo expeditions are also available with a compatible mobile device plus the Expeditions app.

To learn more about one of the free educational apps for kids, click HERE.

5. Linoboard for Collaboration

No matter how technologically slow you are, you can easily use a linoboard to spice up your classroom. Linoboards are online bulletin boards that allow students and teachers to work collaboratively in real time. Due to this, the app also falls into the category of the best free learning apps for kids.

Teachers can post a note on the board, with links, assignments, images or videos to get the discussion started. Students can then post their own notes to answer the teacher’s question, ask questions of their own, comment on the posts of their peers and so on.

 Linoboard for Collaboration - Mobile App

All of the notes are immediately visible to everyone as soon as they go up. Students see the posts going up in real time and are encouraged to interact immediately for a vibrant and engaging lesson. Students can also include images, links, and videos in their own posts.

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6. YouiDraw for Illustration

Who doesn’t like to draw? YouiDraw is a great drawing online tool for both beginners and experienced graphic designers. It’s a powerful vector graphic design solution that allows students to express their own creativity as they illustrate a lesson, a concept or an idea. There’s an online logo maker that can be used to create high-quality vector images, headings, html5 logos, website designs, icons, and buttons.

 YouiDraw for Illustration - Mobile App

There are literally hundreds of templates and styles as well as an online paint tool which you can use to enhance designs with the customizable paper textures, brushes, and overall looks.

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Final Thoughts

Teach your lesson, assign students to illustrate the concept with their own design and watch how well the students internalize the material. So this was our take on some of the best educational apps for kids along with some e-learning tools.

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