Bioinformatics As A Career Option

Bioinformatics As A Career Option

Students can pursue a course in Bioinformatics soon after completing 10+2.


New Delhi: Bioinformatics as an interdisciplinary subject has been witnessing popularity and demand in the recent years. An amalgamation of biology, computer science, mathematics, statistics and information technology, this subject nurtures a radical research prospect.

Bioinformatics mines the wealth of biological information amassed in the form of sequences and structures.

In other words, Bioinformatics helps you to study and interpret biological information through various software and tools. The in-silico analysis of biological queries the cornerstone of bioinformatics and forms the crux of bioinformatics based researches.

Students can pursue a course in Bioinformatics soon after completing 10+2. Many colleges and universities have started offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Bioinformatics.

An ally of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, students pursuing a course in Bioinformatics can foresee a good future ahead.

“Bioinformatics is about handling and interpreting large volume of data-information of billions nucleotides (the basic structural unit of nucleic acids such as DNA),” said Dr. Mohit Mazumder, Director of Business Development-Pine Biotech Inc, which provides hands-on training in bioinformatics in collaboration with various institutes like Amity University, Sister Nivedita University.

When asked about the scope of this subject he said, “Bioinformatics has its importance in multiple domains with massive application in modern healthcare, biotechnology and agriculture.”

“The data accumulated from over six billion nucleotides needs to be analysed and can be used to improve life in health, agriculture and other sectors. With technological advancement it is easier to generate data, which completes a major chunk of the work. The other part is to enable biological research in it,” he said.

“But there is a dearth of trained professionals or the data scientists to handle and understand the meaning this data,” he added at last.