Who is Aadesh Bajaj? - Emerging Tech Talent

Full NameAadesh Bajaj
OccupationSoftware Engineering Intern at Salesforce
EducationBachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Southern California (USC)
LocationLos Angeles, California, United States
Notable ProjectsBinary Search Tree/AVL Tree/Scheduling Implementation, DragonStack, PixelStick
Awards and HonorsViterbi Dean's List, National Merit, Valedictorian, Presidential Scholarship
Volunteer and CommunityCultureBridge Tulsa

Aadesh Bajaj began his educational journey at Jenks High School, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During his time there, he demonstrated exceptional academic prowess, culminating in his recognition as a Valedictorian and a National Merit awardee in 2020. His high school years were marked by a strong foundation in mathematics and science, setting the stage for his future in computer science.

Pursuing Higher Education

In 2020, Aadesh embarked on his collegiate journey at the University of Southern California (USC), a prestigious institution known for its Viterbi School of Engineering. Here, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, diving deep into subjects like Algorithms & Theory of Computing and Principles of Software Development. USC, located in Los Angeles, California, is renowned for its strong engineering programs and has produced numerous notable alumni who have made significant contributions to technology and society.

Professional Experiences

Aadesh's professional journey is marked by diverse experiences across different organizations:


In May 2022, Aadesh joined Salesforce as a Software Engineering Intern. Salesforce, headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a global leader in CRM software and cloud computing. This role allowed him to apply his computer science skills in a real-world setting, contributing to projects that impact millions of users worldwide.

RISE Consulting

Simultaneously, Aadesh served as a Business Analyst at RISE Consulting, a student-run organization at USC. RISE Consulting focuses on providing strategic solutions to startups and non-profits, offering Aadesh a platform to blend his technical skills with business acumen.

Shift SC

Aadesh also played a significant role at Shift SC, a USC-based organization dedicated to fostering a community of tech enthusiasts and promoting social good through technology. He led the Tech4Good Career Fair Project and created content for Digital Well Being Workshops, emphasizing the importance of responsible technology use.

Early Work Experience

Before his collegiate endeavors, Aadesh gained valuable experience working as a Server at Hideaway Pizza and as a Floor Manager at Kumon North America, Inc., both located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These roles honed his interpersonal and leadership skills, laying a solid foundation for his future professional endeavors.

Academic and Extracurricular Achievements

Aadesh's academic excellence at USC is recognized through awards like the Viterbi Dean's List and the prestigious Presidential Scholarship. His commitment to community and technology is further evidenced by his involvement in projects like CultureBridge Tulsa, which aimed to foster empathy and understanding across diverse groups.


Aadesh Bajaj's journey from a high-achieving high school student to a promising computer science undergraduate at USC, coupled with his internships and community involvement, showcases his dedication to leveraging technology for positive impact. His story is one of continuous learning, innovation, and a commitment to making a difference in the world through technology.