Who is Aakash Kamalapur? - Power Electronics Expert

Full NameAakash Kamalapur
Current PositionGraduate Research Assistant - CPES, Virginia Tech
EducationPhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Virginia Tech; MS in Electrical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder; BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KLE Institute of Technology
Notable ProjectsFast EV Charger, Rotor Resistance Starter, Rectifier for CED, Active Harmonic Filter, Variac Controlled Rectifier, Robotic Manipulator, Automated EV for the Differently Abled
LanguagesHindi, English, Kannada, Marathi, German
SkillsPower Converter Control Design, Simulation (PSIM, MATLAB, Simulink), Digital Filters, Embedded C, DSP, IGBT and SiC Drivers, Analog Instrumentation, Embedded Systems, Industrial Communication Protocols

Aakash Kamalapur began his educational journey at Atomic Energy Central School in Mumbai, where he completed his early schooling. He then attended DAV Public School in Nerul, achieving a high CGPA in his high school diploma. Aakash continued his education with an integrated service at Aakash Digital, followed by a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at KLE Institute of Technology in Hubli, where he graduated with a rank of 9 out of 73. His bachelor's coursework allowed him to present a senior design project, which was nominated for funding by VGST, Karnataka.

He then pursued an MS in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Power Electronics at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he worked under the guidance of Prof. Dragan Maksimovic. Aakash is currently working towards his PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Virginia Tech, associated with the Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES), focusing on wide operating range controls for high wattage high power density DC-DC converters.

Professional Experience

Aakash's professional journey began as a Student Brand Ambassador at Technophilia, where he helped deliver embedded systems knowledge to Indian undergraduates. He then joined Autodata Tech in Mumbai as a Product Development Engineer, where he built control laws for high wattage DC-DC power supplies and led the development of Active Harmonic Filters for power quality conditioning.

His next role was as an Electronic Systems Intern at Cummins Inc. in Minnesota, where he developed controls for inverters and designed procedures for coupled inductors in boost converters. Aakash then served as a Course Facilitator at the University of Colorado Boulder, assisting students with power stage simulation and control law design.

He further expanded his teaching experience as a Graduate Student Teaching Assistant at the University of Colorado Boulder, instructing courses on power electronics for electric drive vehicles and PV labs. Concurrently, he worked as a Graduate Student Research Assistant, developing loss models for power converters and designing prototypes with Si and GaN.

Currently, Aakash is a Graduate Research Assistant at Virginia Tech's CPES, where he is involved in research and development of power electronics systems.

Projects and Contributions

Aakash has worked on numerous projects, including the development of a Fast EV Charger, a Rotor Resistance Starter for induction motors, and a Rectifier for Cathodic Electro Deposition. He has also contributed to the design of Active Harmonic Filters and developed a Variac controlled rectifier. His work on a Six Degrees of Freedom robotic manipulator and an automated electric vehicle for the differently abled showcases his versatility and commitment to applying his expertise to a range of applications.

Skills and Languages

Aakash is proficient in several languages, including Hindi, English, Kannada, Marathi, and German. His technical skills encompass power converter control design, simulation tools like PSIM, MATLAB, and Simulink, as well as embedded C programming and DSP algorithm development. He has experience with IGBT and SiC drivers, analog instrumentation, and embedded systems, along with knowledge of industrial communication protocols.

In summary, Aakash Kamalapur is a dedicated and skilled power electronics engineer with a strong academic background and a diverse range of practical experiences in the field. His work has contributed to advancements in power electronics and control systems, and he continues to push the boundaries of the field through his research and development efforts.