Who is Aanand Krishnan? - A Multifaceted Technology Executive

OccupationTechnology executive, entrepreneur, product management leader, startup advisor
IndustryTechnology, Security, Enterprise IT, Software, Consumer Electronics, Semiconductors, Networking
EducationMBA in Finance from UC Berkeley, MS in Electrical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara, Bachelor's in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BITS Pilani
LanguagesArabic, English, Hindi, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu
Notable Companies Worked AtOracle, Tala Security, Symantec, Dolby Laboratories, Morgan Stanley, Agilent Technologies
Notable AchievementsFounding Tala Security, winning multiple industry awards, advising on technology strategy
PublicationsContributions to SPIE Proceedings, Indian Journal of Economics & Business, Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics

Aanand Krishnan's educational journey is marked by notable achievements and prestigious scholarships. He began his higher education journey at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, a renowned institution in India known for its rigorous engineering programs, where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with honors. Following this, he pursued an MS in Electrical Engineering as a QUEST Fellow at UC Santa Barbara, a research university known for its contributions to science and engineering. Krishnan furthered his education with an MBA in Finance as a CJ White Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business, one of the leading business schools globally known for its emphasis on creating innovative leaders.

Professional Journey

Agilent Technologies

Krishnan's professional journey began at Agilent Technologies in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he held multiple roles across the organization, including research, R&D, applications engineering, and product management. Agilent Technologies is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets. Here, Krishnan was instrumental in launching Avago's 10 Gigabit XFP product line, showcasing his ability to lead cross-functional teams and drive product development and implementation.

Morgan Stanley

Following his tenure at Agilent Technologies, Krishnan served as an Associate in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley in Menlo Park, CA. Morgan Stanley is a global financial services firm known for its investment banking prowess. Krishnan advised clients across various industries, demonstrating his versatility and deep understanding of the financial aspects of technology and energy sectors.

Dolby Laboratories

Krishnan then moved to Dolby Laboratories, a company renowned for its audio noise reduction and audio encoding/compression. As a Senior Manager in Corporate Development & Strategic Planning, he managed M&A projects and investments, contributing significantly to Dolby's growth and innovation in the audio technology space.


At Symantec, a global leader in cybersecurity, Krishnan served as Senior Director of Product Management. His role involved advising the CTO on technology strategy and market trends, where he made notable contributions to the company's strategic direction and product development, earning several awards for his achievements.

Tala Security

Krishnan's entrepreneurial spirit led him to found Tala Security, a DevSecOps solution for client-side web app security based in Milpitas, California. Under his leadership as CEO, Tala Security became a leading name in protecting enterprise websites from advanced attacks, culminating in its acquisition by Intuit. His tenure at Tala Security was marked by significant industry recognition and awards, highlighting his impact on the cybersecurity landscape.


Currently, Krishnan serves as Vice President of Product Management at Oracle in Redwood City, California. Oracle is a multinational computer technology corporation known for its comprehensive and fully integrated cloud applications and platform services. In this role, Krishnan leads a global team responsible for developing next-generation products and services for Oracle Cloud's application development platform, further cementing his status as a leader in technology product management.

Publications and Contributions

Throughout his career, Aanand Krishnan has also contributed to the academic and professional discourse through publications in various journals, including SPIE Proceedings, Indian Journal of Economics & Business, and Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics. These publications reflect his deep engagement with technological and economic issues, showcasing his multifaceted expertise.

Aanand Krishnan's career journey is a testament to his versatility, leadership, and profound impact on the technology industry, marked by significant achievements across different roles and sectors.