Who is Aaron Christianson? - A Diverse Talent in the Arts and Music

OccupationTrumpet/High Brass Instructor
IndustryMusic Education, Theatre and Entertainment Technology
EducationBachelor of Science in Theatre & Entertainment Technology, Michigan Technological University
LanguagesNot specified
LocationHoughton, None

Early Life and Education

Aaron Christianson embarked on his professional journey with a strong foundation in the arts and technology. He pursued a Bachelor of Science in Theatre & Entertainment Technology at Michigan Technological University from December 2014 to December 2019. Michigan Technological University, located in Houghton, Michigan, is known for its robust engineering programs and unique offerings in arts and technology, providing a comprehensive education that bridges the gap between technical expertise and creative expression.

Professional Experience

Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre

In the summer of 2017, Christianson took on dual roles at the Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre in Logan, Utah. He served as both the Master Carpenter and Assistant Technical Director from May to August. The Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre is renowned for its contribution to the arts scene, offering a platform for both classical and contemporary opera and musical theatre productions. Christianson's roles here would have required a blend of technical skill, creativity, and leadership, contributing significantly to the staging and success of the festival's productions.


Following his experience in Utah, Christianson joined the Bluecoats, a world-class drum and bugle corps based in Canton, Ohio, as an Assistant Audio Engineer from May to August 2018. The Bluecoats are celebrated for their innovative performances and excellence in musical and visual design. This role likely involved intricate sound engineering tasks, requiring a keen ear for music and a deep understanding of audio technology, further enhancing his skills in live sound production.

Sacramento Mandarins

Since August 2019, Christianson has been nurturing the next generation of musicians as a Trumpet/High Brass Instructor at the Sacramento Mandarins in the Sacramento, California area. The Sacramento Mandarins, a distinguished drum corps, provides education and competitive opportunities for young musicians and performers. In this role, Christianson applies his extensive knowledge and experience in music and performance arts to teach and inspire high brass musicians, contributing to their artistic and personal growth.


Aaron Christianson's professional journey is marked by a dedication to the arts and education, with significant contributions to music and theatre. His diverse roles across different organizations highlight his versatility and commitment to fostering talent and creativity in the performing arts.