Who is Aaron Holmes? - Multifaceted Software Engineer

Current PositionSr. Research Software Engineer at UCLA JCCC / Cancer Data Science / Boutros Lab
LanguagesEnglish, Russian, Spanish
EducationElectrical/Software/Computer Engineering transfer at Olympic College
Key SkillsSoftware architecture, cloud computing, AWS, Azure, .NET, C#, Python, SQL, and more
Volunteer WorkSystems Engineer at LiftPort Group, Physical Labor at United Way of Ventura County
OrganizationsIEEE Computer Society
Honors & AwardsDeveloper of the Quarter (Q2 2017)
CertificationsTriplebyte certified Generalist Software Engineer

Aaron Holmes began his journey in the tech field with a transfer in Electrical/Software/Computer Engineering at Olympic College from January 2007 to January 2009. Olympic College, located in Washington State, is known for its strong engineering programs that prepare students for careers in various engineering fields, including software and computer engineering.

Professional Journey

Early Career

Aaron's professional journey started as an IT Support Technician at Children of the Nations from February 2008 to June 2009, where he supported local and remote IT infrastructure and provided helpdesk support. This role laid the foundation for his technical skills and understanding of IT support systems.

Advancing in Web Development

He then transitioned to web development, taking roles such as Webmaster at Archery Sports USA and Web/Virtual World Developer at Centric / Agency of Change, where he developed online shopping carts and virtual world applications to promote client public relations. These experiences honed his skills in web development and client interaction.

Barracuda Networks and BLT Communications

Aaron further expanded his expertise as a Software Engineer at Barracuda Networks from July 2009 to July 2011, engineering backup appliance and cloud storage solutions. Following this, he served as a Senior Developer at BLT Communications, LLC, contributing to the Greater Los Angeles Area's vibrant tech scene.

Cornerstone OnDemand

His career took a significant leap at Cornerstone OnDemand, where he was a Principal Software Engineer and Engineering Lead. Here, Aaron was instrumental in developing SaaS solutions, showcasing his leadership and technical skills in a fast-paced environment.

Boutros Lab at UCLA

Currently, Aaron is a Senior Software Engineer at the Boutros Lab, UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, where his work focuses on curing cancer through software and data. This role involves utilizing high-performance computing clusters to process genetic sequence data and developing applications to aid in the management and analysis of this data. His contributions are pivotal in advancing cancer research through technological innovation.

Volunteer Work and Recognition

Aaron has also dedicated time to volunteer work, such as being a Systems Engineer at LiftPort Group and participating in physical labor at United Way of Ventura County. His commitment to community service and professional excellence was recognized when he was awarded Developer of the Quarter (Q2 2017) by Sam Mansukhani / Learning department in July 2017.

Certifications and Organizations

Aaron is Triplebyte certified as a Generalist Software Engineer, a testament to his broad and deep technical skills. He was also a member of the IEEE Computer Society, reflecting his commitment to staying connected with the broader engineering community.

Aaron Holmes's career is a testament to his versatility, technical prowess, and dedication to making a significant impact, whether in the field of web development, software engineering, or cancer research.