Who is Aman Bhutani? - Tech Leader and CEO

Aman BhutaniDetails
Full NameAman Bhutani
OccupationChief Executive Officer at GoDaddy
EducationMBA from Lancaster University, B.A. (Hons) in Economics from Delhi University, Diploma in Software Engineering from Aptech
LocationBellevue, Washington, United States
Industry ExperienceTechnology, Leadership, Management

Early Education and Career Beginnings

Aman Bhutani began his professional journey as a Senior Engineer at ConneXions Technologies in New Delhi, India, from May 1996 to June 1998. This early experience in a technology role set the foundation for his future career in the tech industry.

Founding Critical Sense Inc.

In December 2000, Bhutani founded Critical Sense Inc., where he served as the Founder and Technical Lead until August 2002. This venture provided him with entrepreneurial experience and a deeper understanding of technology's role in business.

Leadership at JPMorgan Chase

Bhutani's career took a significant turn when he joined JPMorgan Chase in September 2002. He started as a Senior Vice President, leading the eCommerce Technology team for www.wamu.com, the primary customer-facing web property for Washington Mutual. He later became the Technology Senior Director, a position he held until May 2010. JPMorgan Chase, a leading global financial services firm, provided Bhutani with extensive experience in managing technology within the finance sector.

Expanding Horizons at Expedia Group

In May 2010, Bhutani joined Expedia Group, a global travel technology company, as SVP of Expedia Worldwide Engineering. He was later promoted to President of Brand Expedia Group in July 2015, a role he held until August 2019. During his tenure at Expedia, Bhutani honed his skills in leadership and management, overseeing significant aspects of the company's technology and operations.

Educational Pursuits

Parallel to his professional career, Bhutani pursued higher education. He earned an MBA in General Management from Lancaster University between 1998 and 1999. Lancaster University, located in the United Kingdom, is known for its strong management and business programs. Bhutani also holds a B.A. (Hons) in Economics from Delhi University and a Diploma in Software Engineering from Aptech, further solidifying his academic credentials.

Leading GoDaddy as CEO

In September 2019, Bhutani became the Chief Executive Officer of GoDaddy, a company that helps individuals and businesses establish an online presence. Based in Tempe, Arizona, GoDaddy is a well-known web hosting and domain registration company, serving millions of customers worldwide.

Board Membership at The New York Times Company

Bhutani also serves as a Board Member for The New York Times Company, where he is part of the Audit and Finance Committee. The New York Times Company, headquartered in the Greater New York City Area, is a global media organization known for its journalism and innovation in the news industry.

Throughout his career, Aman Bhutani has demonstrated a commitment to critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership, which are essential skills in his role as CEO of GoDaddy and as a board member of The New York Times Company. His journey reflects a blend of technical expertise, strategic management, and a dedication to supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in the digital age.