Who is Brian Schuler? - Technical Services Leader

Brian SchulerDetails
OccupationManager Technical Services at Washington University in St. Louis
LocationSt. Louis, Missouri, United States of America
Experience with WashUProgressed from Technical Support Specialist to Manager Technical Services, focusing on application support, service desk management, and access management.
Previous ExperiencePrior to joining Washington University, worked at CL Smith as an IT Manager and at FM Global as a Sr. Information Specialist.
Volunteer WorkN/A

Early Career

Brian Schuler began his professional journey in the IT field at FM Global, a major insurance company known for its comprehensive property insurance and risk management services. Located in the Greater St. Louis Area, he served as a Sr. Information Specialist from February 2003 until August 2009. This role likely provided him with a solid foundation in IT operations and risk management, essential skills for his later positions.

Transition to CL Smith

In January 2010, Brian transitioned to CL Smith, a packaging company, where he took on the role of IT Manager. Although specific details of his responsibilities are not provided, managing IT in a packaging firm would have involved overseeing the technology infrastructure that supports manufacturing and distribution processes, a critical role for the company's operations.

Washington University in St. Louis

Initial Roles

Brian's significant tenure at Washington University in St. Louis began in March 2012, starting as a Technical Support Specialist. Washington University is a prestigious institution known for its research, teaching, and contribution to community service. Over the years, Brian has held various positions within the university's IT department, demonstrating his ability to adapt and grow within the organization.

Progression to Management

In November 2013, he was promoted to Systems Engineer/Operations Manager of IS&T, where he managed the Solutions Center staff and provided technical support for the Exchange/O365 Migration Project. This role likely involved significant project management skills and a deep understanding of Microsoft's technology ecosystem.

By October 2014, Brian had advanced to Operations Supervisor, a position he held until April 2016. This role would have expanded his responsibilities, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the IT department and ensuring the smooth running of the university's technology infrastructure.

Manager of Technical Services

In April 2016, Brian became the Manager of Technical Services, a role he held in various capacities until the present. His responsibilities have included operational management of the university's application support specialty help desk and managing WashU IT's Access Management team. These roles are critical for maintaining the security and efficiency of the university's administrative systems, ensuring compliance with policies, and safeguarding sensitive information under HIPAA and FERPA regulations.

Throughout his career at Washington University in St. Louis, Brian Schuler has demonstrated a commitment to operational excellence, team leadership, and the advancement of the university's IT capabilities. His progression from a technical support role to a managerial position reflects his expertise, dedication, and the respect he has earned within the university community.