Britt Vitalone's Biography

Early Career and Education

Britt Vitalone embarked on his professional journey after earning a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from St. John Fisher University, where he was involved in activities and societies like the AICPA. His academic foundation laid the groundwork for a career that would span various industries and roles, emphasizing financial leadership and strategic development.

Career Beginnings and Progression

Vitalone's early career saw him taking on significant responsibilities at GE Capital (GE Financial Assurance LTC) from 2000 to 2004, where he served as Vice President, Controller. He then moved to Pembrooke Occupational Health, holding the same position from 2004 to 2006, showcasing his expertise in financial management and operational leadership.

McKesson Corporation

Britt Vitalone's association with McKesson Corporation began in 2006, marking the start of a transformative period in his career. Over the years, he has held several key positions within the company:

  • Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Medical-Surgical Unit: Vitalone's initial role at McKesson, where he began to influence the company's financial strategies significantly.
  • Senior Vice President, Corporate FP&A, M&A Finance (Apr 2012 - Jul 2014): In this role, he was responsible for financial planning and analysis, as well as mergers and acquisitions finance, demonstrating his capability in steering the company through growth and expansion phases1.
  • Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Pharmaceutical and Specialty Health (Jun 2014 - Present): Vitalone took on a more focused role within McKesson's U.S. Pharmaceutical and Specialty Health unit, further solidifying his impact on the company's financial health and strategic direction1.
  • Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer (Jan 2018 - Present): Ascending to the role of CFO, Vitalone now oversees all financial functions at McKesson, including accounting, financial planning and analysis, treasury, real estate, investor relations, internal audit, merger & acquisition, and tax functions. His leadership extends beyond finance, overseeing Global Procurement and Sourcing, Corporate Security, and McKesson Technology (MT) organizations1 2.

Board Memberships and Industry Involvement

Beyond his executive roles, Vitalone has contributed to the broader industry through board memberships and councils. He served on the Board of Directors for Change Healthcare from January 2018 to March 20201. His industry involvement is further highlighted by his membership in the CNBC Global CFO Council, where he shares insights and collaborates with other financial leaders1.

Contributions and Recognition

Britt Vitalone's career is marked by his contributions to financial leadership and strategic growth within the companies he has served. At McKesson, he has been instrumental in driving financial strategies that align with shareholder value, implementing robust financial processes and controls, and leading the company through significant growth and technological advancements1 3. His efforts in revamping McKesson's IT leadership and focusing on technology solutions underscore his commitment to aligning financial and technological strategies to drive company success3.

Britt Vitalone's journey from a university graduate to a key executive at one of the largest healthcare services companies in the country exemplifies a career built on expertise, leadership, and strategic vision.



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