Who is Deepak Vohra? - Distinguished Indian Diplomat

Full NameDeepak Vohra
OccupationAmbassador, Special Advisor
IndustryDiplomacy, International Relations
LanguagesNot specified
EducationSt. Stephen's College, Delhi; University of the Sorbonne, Paris
Current PositionAmbassador at Government of India
Area of ExpertiseDiplomacy, International Advisory
Notable AssignmentsSpecial Advisor to Prime Ministers in Africa
Diplomatic TenureSince July 1973

Deepak Vohra's academic journey began at St. Stephen's College, Delhi, where he pursued a Masters in English and Economics from January 1967 to January 1972. St. Stephen's College is one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges in India, known for its academic excellence and notable alumni, including influential politicians, writers, and business leaders. Vohra's education at such an institution laid a strong foundation for his future career in diplomacy.

Furthering his linguistic capabilities, Vohra obtained a Diploma in French from the University of the Sorbonne in Paris in January 1976. The University of the Sorbonne is renowned for its rich history and contribution to education and culture, making it an ideal place for an aspiring diplomat to gain language skills.

Diplomatic Career

Deepak Vohra's professional journey as a diplomat commenced in July 1973 when he joined the Government of India. His long-standing career has seen him serve in various capacities, contributing to India's foreign relations and international diplomacy. The Government of India's diplomatic corps is responsible for maintaining and strengthening India's presence and relationships abroad, and as an ambassador, Vohra has played a pivotal role in these efforts.

Special Advisor Roles

In addition to his ambassadorial duties, Deepak Vohra has been entrusted with the role of Special Advisor to Prime Ministers in Africa. This position underscores the importance of his expertise and experience in fostering bilateral relations between India and African nations. His advisory role is critical in strategizing and implementing diplomatic initiatives that benefit both India and the African countries he serves.

Throughout his career, Vohra's contributions have been impactful in enhancing diplomatic ties and promoting mutual understanding between India and other nations. His work as a Special Advisor is particularly significant, given the growing importance of Africa on the global stage and India's strategic interest in the continent.

In summary, Deepak Vohra's professional journey is marked by his dedication to diplomacy and international relations, his educational background that equipped him with the necessary skills, and his significant role as a Special Advisor to Prime Ministers in Africa.