Who is Edgar Chavarria? - Biography

Edgar ChavarriaDetail
Professional BackgroundOver 18 years in Software Engineering, People Management, Product Quality Governance1
Current PositionManager: Retail Banking Division at Bicapital Corp2
EducationSenior at Disney II Magnet High School, pursuing a rigorous academic curriculum3; Undergraduate studies at the University of San Diego4
Legal InternshipParticipated in Novo Legal Group's internship program, contributing to immigrant rights and justice5
High School SportsPlayed soccer for Bell Varsity Soccer as a forward, graduated in 20176

Early Life and Education

Edgar Chavarria's journey began with a strong academic foundation as a senior at Disney II Magnet High School, where he pursued a rigorous curriculum while developing leadership and communication skills3. His passion for learning and excellence continued into his undergraduate studies at the University of San Diego. During his time at university, Edgar embarked on a journey of self-discovery, finding his academic curiosity not in politics, as he initially thought, but in history. This shift in interest led him to appreciate the importance of critical analysis and the study of the past4.

Professional Career

Edgar Chavarria has amassed over 18 years of experience in the tech industry, focusing on software engineering, people management, and product quality governance1. Transitioning from technology, Edgar took on a role in the financial sector as the Manager of the Retail Banking Division at Bicapital Corp. Here, he has been able to apply his leadership and analytical skills to the banking industry, showcasing his versatility and ability to adapt to different professional environments2.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Edgar has demonstrated a commitment to social justice and legal advocacy. He participated in the Novo Legal Group's internship program, where he contributed to advocating for immigrant rights and upholding justice. This experience highlights Edgar's dedication to making a difference in the lives of others and his passion for contributing to the broader community5.

Athletics and Personal Interests

During his high school years, Edgar was an active athlete, playing soccer for the Bell Varsity Soccer team as a forward. His participation in sports from a young age showcases his teamwork and competitive spirit6.


Edgar Chavarria's life story is one of continuous growth, learning, and adaptation. From his academic pursuits to his professional career and advocacy work, Edgar has shown a remarkable ability to navigate and excel in diverse fields. His journey reflects a deep commitment to personal development, social justice, and the pursuit of excellence in all areas of life.



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