Who is Gary Burnison? - Transformative Leader at Korn Ferry

Gary BurnisonDetail
OccupationChief Executive Officer at Korn Ferry
LeadershipTransformed Korn Ferry into a global organizational consulting firm
AuthorshipAuthor of nine leadership and career development books, including a New York Times bestseller
ContributionsRegular contributor to CNBC and major media outlets, writes weekly “Special Editions”
LocationGreater Los Angeles Area, United States

Gary Burnison's professional journey is marked by his transformative leadership as the CEO of Korn Ferry, a role he has held since 2007. Under his guidance, Korn Ferry has evolved into a global organizational consulting firm, boasting over 7,500 colleagues worldwide. The firm, headquartered in the Greater Los Angeles Area, specializes in designing organizational structures, roles, and responsibilities. It assists organizations in hiring the right people and advises on how to reward, develop, and motivate their workforce. Additionally, Korn Ferry aids professionals in navigating and advancing their careers.

Authorship and Thought Leadership

Beyond his executive role, Burnison is a prolific author, having written nine books on leadership and career development, including titles that have reached the New York Times bestseller list. His latest work, "Leadership U: Accelerating Through the Crisis Curve," offers insights on leading teams through unprecedented challenges and change. Burnison's thought leadership extends to regular contributions to CNBC and other major media outlets, where he shares his expertise on strategy, talent, and leadership. His widely-read weekly "Special Editions" for global leaders further underscore his influence in the field.

Contributions to Talent Development

Burnison's commitment to talent development is evident in his support for initiatives like the Korn Ferry Mosaic Emerging Talent Program. This program, initiated during the global pandemic, aims to nurture emerging talent across various lines of business and geographies. Burnison's engagement with the program highlights his dedication to fostering the next generation of leaders.

Global Influence and Activities

Gary Burnison's influence extends beyond the confines of Korn Ferry. His activities, such as welcoming Mathias Herzog as the new President of the Global Technology Practice and engaging with global clients and leaders in London, demonstrate his commitment to global leadership and organizational excellence. Burnison's appreciation for talent development is further illustrated by his support for graduates of the Global Mosaic Talent Program, showcasing his belief in the importance of opportunities for learning and growth.

In summary, Gary Burnison's professional journey is characterized by his transformative leadership at Korn Ferry, his contributions as an author and thought leader, and his dedication to talent development and global organizational excellence.