Who is Kathleen Downum? - Biography

Kathleen DownumDetail
School Teaching AtMilpitas High School1, Bellarmine College Preparatory School2 3 4, Foothill College5
Subjects TaughtScience at Milpitas High School1 6, Physics at Foothill College5
Salary$92,770 total compensation with $73,987 received as a salary at Milpitas Unified6

Early Life and Education

Kathleen Downum's early life details, including her education, are not explicitly mentioned in the provided sources. However, her career as an educator indicates a strong academic background in science and physics.


Kathleen Downum has made significant contributions to education, particularly in the fields of science and physics. She has taught at Milpitas High School, where she is known for her rigorous and supportive teaching style1 6. Additionally, she has served as a physics teacher at Foothill College5 and Bellarmine College Preparatory School2 3 4, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to teaching across different educational levels.

Advocacy and Impact

A notable aspect of Kathleen Downum's teaching approach is her advocacy for girls in STEM. At Milpitas High School, she arranged for the few girls in her AP Physics class to sit together to help them feel more comfortable and supported5. This reflects her understanding of the gender disparities in STEM fields and her efforts to create an inclusive and encouraging environment for all students.


Kathleen Downum's dedication to education and her efforts to support and encourage girls in STEM have left a positive impact on her students and the schools where she has taught. Her work contributes to the broader goal of achieving gender equality in STEM fields.



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