Who is Kyle Jackson? - Innovative Tech and Media Entrepreneur

Kyle JacksonDetails
Full NameKyle Jackson
OccupationChief Executive Officer at Talespin
EducationBFA from the University of Southern California, Interactive Multimedia Design from the University of Colorado Boulder
Notable AchievementsCo-founding Open Drives, involvement in over $70M+ in content financing, managing billions of dollars of production assets
Industry ExperienceTechnology, Media, Education, Virtual Reality, Software Development

Early Education and Career Beginnings

Kyle Jackson's professional journey began with a solid foundation in education, having pursued Interactive Multimedia Design at the University of Colorado Boulder, followed by a BFA from the School of Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California (USC). USC is renowned for its prestigious alumni and contributions to the film industry, located in Los Angeles, California.

Pioneering Work in Technology and Media

In 1999, Kyle started as a Computer Animator, Designer, and Programmer at Autodesk, a leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software, based in the Greater Denver Area. He then moved to Apple Computer in the Greater Los Angeles Area, where he developed professional workflow and training for Final Cut Pro, a revolutionary video editing software.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Kyle's entrepreneurial spirit took flight in 2004 when he co-founded Tunnel Post in Santa Monica, CA, a post-production company. His journey continued with the establishment of Being Human in 2006, a venture studio based in Los Angeles, California, that focuses on empowering content creators and educators through technology and investments.

In 2011, Kyle co-founded Open Drives, a company that provides high-performance enterprise storage solutions, also located in Santa Monica, CA. His role in Open Drives was pivotal in addressing data storage challenges within the media and entertainment industry.

Investment and Fund Management

Kyle's expertise in investment is evident from his time as Fund Manager at Waterfront Film Fund in Santa Monica, CA, where he managed investments with a focus on finishing funds and late-stage investments, achieving over 30% IRR across 18 projects.

Advancing Digital Media

As the President of Siren Digital at Siren Studios, Kyle was at the helm of a technology services innovator offering end-to-end post services for the creative industries. Siren Studios, located at 6500 Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, CA, became a hub for content and housed Buzzfeed on its main campus.

Leadership in Digital Distribution and Marketing

Kyle served as the Chief Information Officer at GoDigital Media Group, a diversified new media firm that provides a range of strategic services including video distribution, digital marketing, and digital supply chain management.

Current Endeavors

Currently, Kyle is the CEO of Talespin, a company based in Playa Vista, California, that uses XR technology to create immersive experience platforms for skills mobility and corporate training. Talespin is at the forefront of using virtual reality to transform the way organizations prepare for the future of work.

Throughout his career, Kyle Jackson has demonstrated a unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and business acumen, making significant contributions to the fields of technology, media, and education. His work has not only impacted the companies he has led but also the broader industry, paving the way for innovative approaches to content creation and learning.