Who is Meiting Chin-Luisi? - Biography

Meiting Chin-LuisiDetail
School Teaching AtBowers Elementary School1 2
Subjects TaughtNot specified, but listed as a Behavior Tech I, which suggests involvement in behavioral support rather than traditional subject teaching2
Salary$23,060.51 base pay with $2,138.94 in other pay in 20153
Hobbies and InterestsNot available in the provided sources

Early Career

Meiting Chin-Luisi embarked on her educational career with a focus on supporting students through Applied Behavioral Analysis. Her dedication to fostering a positive learning environment has been evident throughout her tenure.

Professional Role

As a valued member of the Bowers Elementary School staff, Meiting Chin-Luisi has contributed significantly to the school community. Although her specific subjects taught are not detailed, her role as a Behavior Tech I indicates a specialized focus on behavioral support, helping students navigate their educational journey with the right emotional and psychological tools.


In 2015, Meiting Chin-Luisi's commitment to education was compensated with a base pay of $23,060.51, supplemented by $2,138.94 in other pay, reflecting her dedication and the value she brings to her school3.

Personal Life and Interests

While specific hobbies and interests are not detailed in the available sources, it's clear that Meiting Chin-Luisi's passion for education and student well-being extends beyond the classroom.

Through her work, Meiting Chin-Luisi exemplifies the impact that dedicated educators can have on their students and community, making a difference one child at a time.



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