Roger DeWames's Biography

Early Education and Career

Roger DeWames embarked on his professional journey with a solid educational foundation, holding a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of San Diego. His academic pursuits continued at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he earned an MBA. This diverse educational background laid the groundwork for his multifaceted career in real estate1 2 3.

Transition into Real Estate

DeWames's entry into the real estate sector was marked by his role at Hines, where he led development, acquisitions, and investment activities in the Orange County office. His work included ground-up development and acquisitions across multiple product types, showcasing his ability to navigate the complexities of the real estate market1.

Leadership at Irvine Company

Roger DeWames's career trajectory took a significant turn when he joined Irvine Company, a major player in the real estate industry. Initially, he led development, acquisition, and reinvestment activities for the company's office and self-storage portfolios. His efforts included the planning and development of over 8 million square feet of ground-up office projects, demonstrating his expertise and vision in real estate development1.

In his current role as President of Irvine Company Office Properties, DeWames oversees a 54 million square foot, fully-integrated customer-centric platform. This platform encompasses asset management, development, leasing, finance and investments, operations, marketing, and technology enablement. His leadership is instrumental in driving the division's performance and establishing Irvine Company Office Properties as a leader in the real estate industry1.

Contributions and Achievements

Throughout his career, Roger DeWames has been recognized for his contributions to the real estate sector. He has previously served as a Board member of NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, highlighting his commitment to advancing the industry1. His strategic vision and leadership have not only propelled the growth of Irvine Company Office Properties but have also contributed to shaping the future of workspaces, as evidenced by the company's significant reinvestment in properties like One North Wacker4.


Roger DeWames's biography is a testament to his significant impact on the real estate industry. From his early educational pursuits to his leadership role at Irvine Company Office Properties, DeWames has demonstrated a relentless commitment to excellence and innovation in real estate. His contributions continue to influence the development and management of workspaces, setting new standards for the industry.



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