Who is Shima Wollman? - Biography

Shima WollmanDetail
Career HighlightsParticipated in the Western States Forum in 2013; student in the IP Networking course1 2.
Place of WorkTraffic Engineer Electrical at Caltrans District 61 2.
FamilyNot specified in the provided sources.
SalaryNot specified in the provided sources.
Hobbies and InterestsNot specified in the provided sources.

Early Career and Education

Shima Afshari Wollman began her career in the field of traffic engineering with a focus on electrical systems. Her early work involved participating in industry forums and furthering her education in specialized areas of her field.

Professional Development

In 2013, Shima made her first appearance at the Western States Forum, an event that showcases technical research and developments within the transportation sector, particularly those relevant to rural transportation challenges1. Her commitment to professional development is further evidenced by her participation in an IP Networking course, which is tailored to the needs of rural transportation engineers and covers a range of topics from microwave communications to RF system measurements2.

Current Role

Shima currently holds the position of Traffic Engineer Electrical at Caltrans District 6, headquartered in Fresno. Her role likely involves working on projects related to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and RF communications systems, which are crucial for connecting ITS field elements to Transportation Management Centers2.

Contributions to the Field

While specific projects and achievements are not detailed in the provided sources, Shima's involvement in professional capacity building courses and industry forums suggests she is actively engaged in advancing the state of practice in her field and contributing to the development of transportation engineering solutions.



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