Who is Steve Andert? - A Multifaceted Engineering Professional

Steve AndertDetails
OccupationAssociate Principal Electrical, Senior Project Manager at Introba
LocationBallwin, Missouri, United States
EducationArchitectural Engineering from The University of Kansas
CertificationsProfessional Engineer, LEED Accredited Professional
AffiliationsIlluminating Engineering Society of North America, International Association of Lighting Designers, USGBC Gateway Chapter
Key ProjectsBall Park Village - Block 200, Columbia College, Parkway School District, Washington University in St. Louis

Early Beginnings

Steve Andert embarked on his journey into the world of engineering by pursuing a degree in Architectural Engineering with a focus on Electrical Engineering, Lighting Design, and Architectural Design from The University of Kansas, located in Lawrence, Kansas. This prestigious institution is not only one of the largest universities in the state but also renowned for its contributions to research and education. Steve graduated in 1986, laying down the educational foundation that would support his extensive career.

Professional Journey

Bannashek and Associates

After completing his education, Steve began his professional career in 1986 at Bannashek and Associates, where he served as an Electrical Engineer EIT until 1989. This position enabled him to gain crucial industry experience shortly after his college graduation, setting the stage for his later achievements.

William Tao & Associates, Inc.

In 1989, Steve joined William Tao & Associates, Inc., an engineering firm with a long-standing reputation for excellence in electrical design. Over nearly three decades, Steve ascended through the ranks to become a Senior Vice President. His long tenure at William Tao & Associates, Inc. underscores his commitment to and impact on the firm, contributing to various projects across different scales and industries.


In August 2018, Steve transitioned to Mazzetti|WmTao in the Greater St. Louis Area, taking on the role of Associate Principal, Director of Electrical Engineering. This role further highlighted his expertise in electrical engineering and leadership within the industry, steering teams towards innovative solutions in construction documentation and design.


As of June 2023, Steve Andert holds the position of Associate Principal Electrical, Senior Project Manager at Introba, based in St Louis, Missouri. His role involves leading projects and managing teams to successfully deliver on Introba's commitments. Introba represents his current and most advanced stage in a career dedicated to excellence in the architectural engineering field.

Accomplishments and Volunteer Work

Steve Andert has not only dedicated his career to his professional roles but also actively involved himself with organizations central to his field, including the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, the International Association of Lighting Designers, and the USGBC Gateway Chapter. His association with these organizations speaks volumes about his commitment to the profession and community.

Notable Projects

Throughout his career, Steve has managed and contributed to several landmark projects, such as the Ball Park Village - Block 200, the renovation of Washington University's Jolley Hall, and the expansion of the Saint Louis Art Museum's East Building. These projects showcase his capabilities in managing large-scale constructions and delivering innovative electrical and lighting solutions.

Steve Andert's journey from a fresh graduate to a respected leader in electrical engineering and lighting design is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and influence in the architectural engineering industry. With each project and position, Steve has solidified his status as a committed and innovative professional, shaping the spaces where we live and work.