Who is Vivienne Cameron? - The Mystery That Shook Phillip Island

Vivienne CameronDetail
Age35 years old at the time of her disappearance1.
FamilyMarried to Fergus Cameron, with whom she had sons1.
EducationNot specified in the provided sources
CareerMajor shareholder in a company called Placetac Pty. Ltd.
Place of DeathPresumed to have leapt from the San Remo Bridge into the water below, but her body was never found2.
Cause of DeathPresumed suicide by jumping from the San Remo Bridge, though her body was never found2.
Suspects in DeathVivienne Cameron herself is considered the prime suspect in the murder of Beth Barnard, but there are doubts and theories suggesting she might not have been involved or acted alone2.
Podcasts Which Cover the Story"The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron" by Casefile Presents3 4.

Early Life and Marriage

Vivienne Cameron was a 35-year-old woman who had married into one of Phillip Island's most prominent families. Her marriage to Fergus Cameron, a farmer and a major shareholder in the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, was initially happy. However, the arrival of Beth Barnard, a 23-year-old farmhand, on the island and her subsequent affair with Fergus, created a rift between Vivienne and her husband. Vivienne, who had experienced her own father leaving when she was just eight years old, was desperate to avoid a similar fate for her sons. She attempted to save her marriage through various means, including losing weight, coloring her hair, and attending marriage guidance1.

The Night of the Murder

On September 22, 1986, a violent altercation occurred between Vivienne and Fergus, during which Vivienne reportedly became verbally and physically abusive, striking Fergus with a wine glass. This incident led to both seeking medical treatment, and later that night, Vivienne dropped Fergus at his sister's place. In the early hours of September 23, Vivienne made a phone call to a friend, claiming she was at the hospital, which police later suspected to be an alibi for murder3.

Disappearance and Presumed Death

Vivienne Cameron vanished on the night of Beth Barnard's murder. Her vehicle was found near the San Remo Bridge, suggesting she may have jumped to her death. Despite extensive searches, her body was never recovered. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance and the brutal murder of Beth Barnard have led to various theories, including the possibility that Vivienne may have staged her own death3 2.

Legacy and Theories

The case of Vivienne Cameron and Beth Barnard has captivated the public and investigators for decades. Theories about Vivienne's guilt, the possibility of her faking her own death, and the involvement of other suspects have been widely discussed. The "The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron" podcast by Casefile Presents delves into these theories, offering insights into the complex dynamics of the case3 4.

Vivienne Cameron's life, the tragic events leading up to her disappearance, and the ongoing mystery of what truly happened that night on Phillip Island continue to intrigue and haunt those who seek answers.



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