Who is Alfredo N. Amengual? - A Multifaceted Software Engineer

Current PositionSenior Software Engineer at KERV Interactive
LocationAustin, Texas, United States
EducationBachelor of Science in Communications, Ad/PR, Psychology from University of Central Florida
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
Key ProjectsBuild-A-Date, CodeConnect.us, My Chatbot, Nativ
Volunteer WorkFundraiser at Children's Miracle Network
OrganizationsWorld Affairs Council (Houston Chapter), UCF Alumni Association (Houston Chapter)

Alfredo N. Amengual embarked on his professional journey at the University of Central Florida, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Communications, Ad/PR, and Psychology. During his time at the university, he also served as a Research Intern at the Institute for Simulation and Training. Here, he collaborated on projects evaluating TeamSTEPPS Training in the Operating Room and exploring patient safety culture, among others, showcasing an early interest in applying analytical skills to solve complex problems.

Diverse Professional Experience

Business Development at Maxoil Solutions

Before transitioning into software development, Amengual honed his business acumen at Maxoil Solutions, a consultancy in the global oil & gas industry based in the Houston, Texas area. As the first individual in the Houston office's business development role, he played a pivotal role in defining the position, generating new business opportunities, and integrating sales and marketing strategies.

Transition to Software Development

Amengual's passion for technology and creative problem-solving led him to pivot his career towards software development. He became a Full Stack Web Development Student at General Assembly, where he developed foundational skills in software engineering. This educational experience was a springboard into the tech industry, culminating in his role at KERV Interactive, an innovative company based in Austin, Texas. Here, he progressed from a Software Developer to a Senior Software Engineer, contributing to the development of CMS web applications and interactive video player overlays using Grabit Interactive Media's patented technology.

Volunteer Work and Community Engagement

Throughout his career, Amengual has demonstrated a commitment to community service and engagement. As a fundraiser for the Children's Miracle Network, he contributed to raising significant funds for philanthropic events in the Orlando and University of Central Florida community. He has also been an active member of the World Affairs Council (Houston Chapter) and served as the Director of Communications/Events at the UCF Alumni Association (Houston Chapter).

Innovative Projects

Amengual has been involved in several notable projects, including Build-A-Date, CodeConnect.us, My Chatbot, and Nativ. These projects showcase his ability to leverage technology to create solutions that enhance user experiences, from facilitating coding education to developing a personal AI-powered chatbot for task management.

Alfredo N. Amengual's professional journey is characterized by a continuous pursuit of learning and an eagerness to apply technology creatively to solve real-world problems. His diverse background, spanning business development and software engineering, underscores his multifaceted skill set and his commitment to making a positive impact through technology.