Who is Casandra Parada Reynoso? - Biography

Casandra Parada ReynosoDetail
School Teaching AtMilpitas High School
Subjects TaughtSocial Studies, AP United States History (APUSH)
Salary$99,972.73 regular pay in 2021; $94,709.98 in 2019; $68,218.52 regular pay in 2015

Early Life and Education

Casandra Parada Reynoso's early life details, including her upbringing and initial education, remain private. However, her academic achievements and dedication to education are evident through her professional career as a high school teacher.

Career at Milpitas High School

Casandra Parada Reynoso has made a significant impact at Milpitas High School, where she teaches Social Studies and AP United States History (APUSH). Her commitment to providing high-quality education and fostering a deep understanding of historical events and social dynamics among her students is commendable. Her teaching methods and dedication have made her a respected figure among students and colleagues alike.


Throughout her career, Casandra has seen a steady increase in her salary, reflecting her growing experience and the value she brings to her school. In 2015, her regular pay was $68,218.52, which increased to $94,709.98 in 2019, and further to $99,972.73 in 2021. These figures highlight the financial acknowledgment of her hard work and dedication to teaching.

Personal Life and Interests

While specific details about Casandra's hobbies and interests are not publicly available, it's clear that her passion lies in education and making a difference in the lives of her students. Her commitment to teaching and her students' success is a testament to her character and dedication.

Casandra Parada Reynoso's journey as an educator at Milpitas High School showcases her dedication to her profession and her significant impact on her students' educational experiences. Her story is an inspiration to aspiring educators and a reminder of the profound influence teachers have on shaping the minds of future generations.