Who is Christine Klaus-Gonzales? - Biography

Christine Klaus-GonzalesDetail
School Teaching AtBowers Elementary School, Santa Clara Unified School District1 2
SalaryRegular pay: $143,792.02, Other pay: $7,534.00, Total pay: $151,326.02, Benefits: $39,951.68, Total pay & benefits: $191,277.70 (2022)1

Early Life and Education

Details about the early life and education of Christine Klaus-Gonzales are not provided in the available sources.


Christine Klaus-Gonzales is a dedicated psychologist at Bowers Elementary School, which is part of the Santa Clara Unified School District. Her role as a psychologist is crucial in supporting the mental health and well-being of students at the school1 2.

Salary and Benefits

In 2022, Christine Klaus-Gonzales earned a regular pay of $143,792.02, with additional other pay amounting to $7,534.00. Her total pay before benefits was $151,326.02. Including benefits, her total compensation for the year was $191,277.701.

Personal Life

The search results do not provide specific information regarding Christine Klaus-Gonzales's family, hobbies, or interests.

Contributions and Impact

Christine Klaus-Gonzales's contributions as a psychologist are integral to the educational environment at Bowers Elementary School, where she helps shape a supportive and nurturing space for students to learn and grow1 2.



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