Derek Pattison's Biography

Early Career and Education

Derek Pattison embarked on his professional journey after completing his education in law and economics. He earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics from Huron University (1994 - 1997) and later pursued a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) at Western University (1997 - 2000). His academic background laid a solid foundation for his career in the legal and financial sectors.

Initial Steps in the Banking and Finance Industry

Pattison's early career was marked by his role as a student at Blaney McMurtry LLP (2000 - 2001), where he likely gained valuable legal experience. He then transitioned into the banking and finance industry, starting as Legal Counsel at BMO Nesbitt Burns (June 2001 - June 2003) and later as Legal & Policy Counsel in the Private Client Group at BMO Financial Group (June 2003 - June 2005). These positions allowed him to hone his skills in financial law and policy, setting the stage for his future roles.

Career Development at Scotiabank

Derek Pattison joined Scotiabank in 2005, marking the beginning of a significant phase in his career. Over the years, he has held several key positions within the organization:

  • Director, Regulatory Solutions (Wealth Management) (2005 - 2006): Focused on Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-terrorist Financing, Privacy, and Qualified Intermediary programs for Scotiabank's Wealth Management businesses.
  • Director, Process & Regulatory Solutions (Wealth Management) (2006 - 2008): Worked on process re-engineering and design, including regulatory and operational controls.
  • Managing Director, Operations & Regulatory (2008 - Jan 2011): Delivered front-office operational solutions for Wealth Management's businesses, such as ScotiaMcLeod.
  • Vice-President & Head, International Wealth Compliance (Jan 2011 - May 2014): Oversaw compliance for international wealth management.
  • Vice-President & Head, Wealth Management, The Bahamas and Cayman Islands (May 2014 - Jul 2017): Led wealth management in key offshore financial centers.
  • Vice-President, Anti-Money Laundering, Canadian Banking (Jul 2017 - Nov 2018): Focused on anti-money laundering efforts within Canadian banking.
  • Senior Vice-President, Global Banking & Markets, Anti-Money Laundering (Nov 2018 - Feb 2020): Expanded his anti-money laundering responsibilities to a global scale.
  • Senior Vice-President, Internal Control (Feb 2020 - Present): Currently oversees internal control within Scotiabank, a role that underscores his expertise and leadership in the banking and finance industry1.

Contributions and Leadership

Throughout his career, Derek Pattison has been recognized for his vision and leadership, particularly in the realm of banking and finance. His work has contributed significantly to the development and implementation of regulatory and compliance frameworks within Scotiabank, enhancing the bank's operational integrity and compliance with global financial regulations2 3 4.

Volunteering and Community Involvement

While specific details of Derek Pattison's volunteering and community involvement are not available, his professional achievements reflect a commitment to excellence and leadership in the banking and finance industry.

Derek Pattison's career trajectory showcases a deep commitment to the banking and finance sector, with a particular focus on regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering efforts, and internal control. His roles at Scotiabank highlight his expertise and leadership in navigating the complex regulatory landscape of global finance.