Kshamta Kaushik's Biography

Early Career and Education

Kshamta Kaushik began her academic journey with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi. She furthered her education with a Masters of Mathematics in Finance from the University of Waterloo. Her early career included a transition from British Airways in India to the banking sector, where she started in risk management before moving into capital markets1.

Start in the Finance Industry

Kaushik's foray into the finance industry saw her gaining experience in structured products, debt capital markets, derivatives products, and loan portfolio management. She has held progressively senior roles within Scotiabank, starting as Director of the Structured Products Group in 2006 and moving up to Director of the Derivatives Products Group in 20092.

Career Progression

Over the years, Kaushik's career has spanned across three countries, with her roles evolving within Scotiabank. She became Managing Director of the Derivatives Products Group in 2014, and by 2016, she was the Managing Director & Head of the DCM and Derivatives Products Group for Corporate & FIG in EMEA. In 2018, she took on the role of Head of Corporate & Investment Banking Europe as a Managing Director, based in London2 1.

In July 2022, Kaushik became the Managing Director & Head of Global Capital Markets in the U.S., and as of January 2024, she serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Scotia Capital (USA) Inc2.

Recognition and Awards

Kaushik's excellence in the finance industry has been recognized with the Crystal Ladder Award at the Markets Media Group’s 2023 Women in Finance (U.S.) Awards3 4 5. She is celebrated for her curiosity, courage, and resiliency, which have been the main drivers of her success4.

Volunteering and Community Involvement

Kaushik is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion. She is a Global Banking & Markets Champion of Change and the Co-Chair of the London Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Additionally, she leads the mentorship program in London and is involved in the new parent support scheme1. Her commitment to these causes is further evidenced by her recognition at the Women in Capital Markets (WCM) Leadership Awards6 7.

Industry Impact

Throughout her career, Kaushik has been involved in groundbreaking transactions and has provided strategic leadership in various roles. Her work has not only contributed to the growth of Scotiabank but also to the advancement of the finance industry, particularly in the areas of capital markets and investment banking2 1.

Kaushik's journey from India to the global stage of finance, her leadership roles, and her advocacy for diversity and inclusion make her a notable figure in the banking and finance industry.



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