Who is Tahmineh Bastardo? - Biography

Tahmineh BastardoDetail
School Teaching AtBowers Elementary School1
Subjects TaughtFifth Grade2 3, Fourth Grade4
FamilyMentioned in a recipe review, indicating a family that is described as "pretty picky"5
Salary- 2021: $138,675.773
- 2019: $131,047.26 total with $128,646.86 base salary6
- 2020: $136,520.897
- 2022: $149,491.202
- 2016 as Fourth Grade Teacher: $104,163.064
Hobbies and InterestsParticipated in a fundraiser for Pioneer High School Baseball, indicating an interest in supporting local school sports5

Early Life and Education

Tahmineh Bastardo was born in November 1974 and currently resides in San Jose, California8. The details of her early life and education background are not publicly available.

Career in Education

Tahmineh Bastardo has built a career as a dedicated educator. She is currently teaching fifth grade at Bowers Elementary School within the Santa Clara Unified School District1. Her teaching experience includes working with fourth-grade students as well4. Bastardo's commitment to education is reflected in her salary progression over the years, with her most recent recorded salary being $149,491.20 in 20222.

Personal Life

While specific details about her family life are not extensively documented, a recipe review indicates that she has a family described as "pretty picky," suggesting a home environment where she enjoys cooking5.

Hobbies and Interests

Tahmineh Bastardo has shown an interest in supporting local school sports, as evidenced by her participation in a fundraiser for Pioneer High School Baseball5. This involvement indicates a broader commitment to her community and the extracurricular development of students.


Tahmineh Bastardo is an educator who brings experience and passion to her role as a teacher. Her professional journey is marked by her dedication to her students and her community, as well as her steady career growth within the Santa Clara Unified School District.



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