Who is Lauren Agee? - Tragedy at Center Hill Lake

Lauren AgeeDetail
Age21 years old
FamilyMother: Sherry Smith
EducationCriminal science major
CareerNot specified in the sources
Place of DeathCenter Hill Lake, Tennessee
Cause of DeathBlunt force trauma and possible drowning1 2 3 4
Suspects in DeathAaron Lilly, Brixner Gambrell, Hannah Palmer, Christopher Stout2 5 6
Podcasts Covering the StoryCrime Junkie Podcast, Without Warning Podcast, True Crimecast, True Crime Daily1 2 6 7 8

Early Life and Education

Lauren Agee was a vibrant and ambitious young woman from Hendersonville, Tennessee. At the time of her death, she was 21 years old and pursuing a major in criminal science. Lauren was known for her spirited and athletic nature, and she had even appeared in professional music videos. Her life was full of promise, and she was described by those who knew her as the life of the party3 9.

Events Leading Up to Her Death

In July 2015, Lauren attended WakeFest, a popular wakeboarding tournament held at Center Hill Lake in Tennessee. She went with her friend Hannah Palmer, Hannah's boyfriend Aaron Lilly, and his friend Chris Stout, whom Lauren had just met that weekend. The group was known to have consumed alcohol throughout the day on July 25, and they returned to their cliffside campsite in the early hours of July 263 4 9.

Lauren and Chris Stout reportedly slept in a hammock near the edge of the cliff, while Hannah and Aaron slept in a tent. When the group woke up the next morning, Lauren was missing, and her personal belongings, including her flip-flops, purse, and phone, were left behind at the campsite10 9.

The Discovery and Aftermath

Lauren's body was discovered by fishermen in a cove at Center Hill Lake on the afternoon of July 26, 2015. The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office initially ruled her death an accident, suggesting she fell from the cliff and possibly drowned. However, the autopsy revealed blunt force trauma and raised questions about the possibility of drowning, as there was no water found in Lauren's lungs1 2 3 4.

Lauren's mother, Sherry Smith, refused to accept the ruling of an accidental death. She enlisted the help of private investigator Sheila Wysocki, who uncovered inconsistencies in the investigation and signs of potential foul play, such as a bite mark on Lauren's breast and signs of strangulation6 3 11.

The case gained significant public attention, with podcasts and media coverage delving into the mysterious circumstances surrounding Lauren's death. Sherry Smith filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Aaron Lilly, Brixner Gambrell, Hannah Palmer, and Christopher Stout, the last people to see Lauren alive1 2 6 7 8.

Despite the lawsuit and additional witnesses coming forward, the case remains controversial and unresolved. Lauren's family continues to seek answers and justice for her untimely death6 10 9.

The tragic story of Lauren Agee remains a topic of discussion and investigation, as her loved ones and the public seek closure and understanding of what truly happened on that fateful weekend at WakeFest.



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